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The Imperial Feast at Indian Durbar, Conrad Bengaluru

Immerse yourself into an experience of flavor, aroma and age-old recipes only at Indian Durbar, Conrad Bengaluru

Jagadish Kothandaraman, Director of Food and Beverage, Conrad Bengaluru shares on this special promotion – “Embarking on a traditional culinary journey, rediscover time honored classics from the kitchens of Thanjavur & witness culinary magic as our two culinary experts take over the kitchen of Indian Durbar to recreate flavours that are legendary, historic and traditional.”

Chef Saravanan, Junior Sous Chef of Conrad Bengaluru comes with 14 years of experience in South Indian cuisines – Chettinad, Karaikudi and Kongunadu, bringing us closer to the delicacies of the South. Having spent his evenings as a child relishing on recipes curated by his mother, Chef Saravanan seeks to bring back the magic of his homeland Thanjavur to Conrad Bengaluru.

Chef Saravanan, Junior Sous Chef, Conrad Bengaluru

Celebrating the Thanjavur festival, we bring to you recipes passed down by generations curated with rich flavorful spices such as green cardamom, stone flower, star anise, poppy seeds and shallots. A few notable dishes include Nalli elunbhu saaru – lamb bone cooked in chettinadu masala’s, Neer Orundai – steamed rice dumplings with tempering of hing and coconut chunks and Thanjavur mutton biryani – dum cooked lamb with jeera samba rice and spices served with mutton dalcha.

Chef Rajesh Singh, Indian Master Chef at Conrad Bengaluru comes with over 23 years of culinary experience. Chef’s expertise lies in Awadhi, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Bengali and Rajasthani cuisine. With a passion for food and zeal for traditional recipes, Chef Rajesh seeks to bring a plethora of flavours and versatility to your meals only at Indian Durbar, with an experience to his rich culture and heritage of the north.

Chef Rajesh Singh, Indian Masterchef, Conrad Bengaluru

A few stellar recipes recommended include Durbar – e – dal – lentils prepared with tomato, butter and cream, Galouti kebab – griddle cooked lamb kebab made of deggi mirch, black salt, cumin powder, kasoori methi, chaat masala and dry pomegranate seeds served on ulta tava ka paratha and Durbar -e-lazeez maas – braised lamb ribs and boneless with Awadhi spices. Not to miss the richness that he brings from the royal old rituals of Punjab, like Purvanchal Ka saag and many more.

Coupled with magical recipes curated, the interiors of Indian Durbar reflect intricate gold leafed jail work. The ambience seeks to convey royalty, inspiration and tradition. A feast of flavor and tradition only at Indian Durbar.

For bookings please call or WhatsApp Conrad at – +91 88844 63287 or +91 88844 63819

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