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With an initial capital of 6 lakhs, this Hyderabad based startup is out to help you detox!

Founded in 2014 by Sindura Borra, a wellness enthusiast in Hyderabad with an initial investment of INR 6 lakhs, Cleanse High, a juice detox brand that offers various programs designed to help overcome bloating, unhealthy cravings, and over-indulgence while rebuilding the nutrient profile, now has an impressive customer base of 24,000 people, and a turnover INR 95 lakh in 2020-21.

A concept that was very new when the brand started has now gained momentum with more and more customers making juice cleanses a part of their lifestyle. Cleanse High offers four levels of Juice programs that will fit into a broad range of health goals such as -1 Day Plan – Basic Refreshment; 3 Days Plan – Detoxification 6 Days plan – Rejuvenation at the cellular level; 15 Days IF PLan – Healthy Weight Loss.

We spoke to their CEO and got her chatting on the company, their future plans and what it takes to be a stand out in a crowded space!

Unkrate: What was the thought behind starting with detox juices in a crowded space with some seasoned players?

Sindura: Cleanse High was conceived in 2014, a time when India hasn’t seen Juice detox programs yet. As years passed by, many players entered the market and have become seasoned cold presses Juice companies. However, most of them have pivoted to door, delivering fresh cold press juice for everyday consumption. Cleanse High, since its inception, is all about resetting the body with a Juice cleanse experience, a wholesome rejuvenation program. Each elixir in the box is made with the finest botanical ingredients, plant matter and healing herbs with a dose of leafy greens and enriching fruits. Till today we stick to the core values of the detox program; being on an all-liquid diet for 3-6 days. Hence the consumers come back to us for the focused program we have created.  

U: How has your journey been? What are the learnings?

S: It has been an evolving journey. Cleanse High Juice detox was a new concept to the market when we started. It took a lot of educating on phone calls and convincing people to skip solid food for 3 days to be on our all-liquid diet. Now, people are more aware of the need for detox and are welcoming liquid diets. 

U: Do detox juices work? It is said that the body does its detox, and there is no need for external ingredients to aid it

S: You are right. The body comes with a built-in detox mechanism. But given today’s environment and the variety of food we ingest without giving the system a break, these detox Organs, whose primary function is cleansing, are now overloaded with several kinds of toxins. An all liquid-diet enhances the ability of these organs and supports detoxification by giving a helping hand.

U: How do you decide on the right juices for a plan?

S: Cleanse High Juice Cleanse Programs were naturopathically designed using the finest of raw food ingredients drawn from ayurvedic and folk wisdom.  Each elixir in the day’s regime has a function to play. The compositions were created with the support of a knowledgeable team of Licensed nutritionists, Ayurvedic doctors and food technologists. As a whole, the program provides wholesome nutrition and cleansing in the form of liquids.

U: How must consumers decide what plan works for them?

S: One who has never done fasting before must start with a one day plan and see how the body responds. Almost all of us do well on a juice diet since each day’s plan provides you with about 1100 calories, which is well sufficient.  A 3 Day Plan is ideal for detoxifying the system; a 6 Days plan is suitable for more profound cellular rejuvenation and losing that belly.

U: Does the consumer take these juices as supplements to their meals or as is?

S: Our Juice Cleanse Program is meant to be taken as is with any other food or drinks. It’s an all-liquid diet of 8 Juices that serve as your food from morning till bedtime. 

U: What is the current revenue of the company? Is the company looking to raise funds?

S: We clocked 94 Lakhs in the last Fiscal. We are planning on expanding to more cities with strategic investment and partnerships.

U: What are the expansion plans? What cities do you cater to?
S: We cater to Hyderabad & Bangalore as of now. 

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