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Discover blueFROG – #5Weeks5Pubs – #Week1

As you all know, Week1 of #5Weeks5Pubs was all about blueFROG and we were surprised to see the kind of variety they have on their food menu. When you talk about any pub, the first thing that strikes your mind is cocktails and music, appetizers is just a tag-along with beer & cocktails and main course is nowhere to be seen. This is where blueFROG scores high and an absolute favorite amongst the party animals. blueFROG believes in balancing it out with high quality in every department, be it ambience, music, artists, drinks or food.


If you don’t know what to order when at blueFROG, here are few things Team Unkrate suggests:

Char Grilled Lemon Fish Mustard

This is a Chef’s special and certainly the best at blueFROG. There are three vital elements that make this fish stand out – the char grill gives a smoky flavour which enhances & compliments the tanginess of lemon and marinated in mustard which gives raw strong taste. This one is a must try and highly recommended.


Wok Tossed Garlic Pepper Shrimp

This is another stunner from Chef Vikas’ kitchen. He certainly knows how to play with the essence of mustard. Everything is just right about this dish and Full marks to Chef for presentation. The sweet soy chilli, mirin and mustard tempering is like a icing on the cake and just look at the glaze on the shrimps.. an absolute delight to the eyes.


Linguine Chicken ‘Jaleo Peneo’

If I have spoken so highly about the first two dishes, I don’t know how to put this across because this is one of the best chicken and broccoli paste we have had in Bangalore. If the first one was Chef’s special and the second one a delight to eyes, this one is favourite.


Kerala Vegetable Stew

There is something for everyone here; you just have no reasons to not show up at blueFROG. With aniseed, summer vegetables and coconut milk, this is a veggies delight in true sense.


Baked brie

These are cutie patooties. I mean just look at them, don’t you feel like awww-ing them. I bet, you won’t be able to keep your hands off these mini multi grain puffs topped with chilled pineapple compote.



Music at blueFROG is amaze and I think its been into their DNA ever since they started, not because the pubs operate this ways, but because of the fact that a lot of creative people form the industry viz. composer-musicians Ashutosh Phatak and Dhruv Ghanekar, film director Mahesh Mathai, film producer Srila Chatterjee have been a part of the founding team.

I have a really different take on the concept and ambiance and truly reflects what Bengaluru stands for ‘The Pub City Of India’ is all about partying all the time anywhere, so why not under the metro station. Popular for their gigs blueFROG have an amazing dance floor and ambiance, and are ready to amaze you every time you be there.


The whole concept of #5Weeks5Pubs came from, the fact that when you open any app you do not know what is the best drink to try out at that particular pub.
At bluefrog Bangalore, we had heard a lot about the music, the ambiance and a lot about the signature cocktails. What use of a cocktail that doesn’t tingle your taste buds! A little bit of spice, a little of sour and lots of sweet? Crazy combinations are what make your cocktails that stay with you and get you back there again and again.
We started off with a little bit of yum, that was a lot of sweet and equal amounts of Rum to go with it. Mixed with Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and 60 Rum. Shaken was I and stirred was the cocktail.
How about some mojito but not like a mojito next was what suggested. A tropical mojito that had Pineapple, lemon and the usual mint and Vodka and a whole glass full of ice. Cools you instantly.
Moving on, one for the ladies, a “passionate” drink for the women with a fine choice of liquors. Pomegranate, chilled absolut, lime and spices. Perfect for that date.

Lastly the best of the lot, served in a blueFROG souvenir. Two shots of large Rum, ice, spices and of course extra cardamom. This definitely was the best of the lot. Kicks in when you just need it.
Don’t forget to try these three next time you are there!!
More is coming in,.. watch the space for more amazing updates!!

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