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Fine Dining couldn’t get any better: Raj Pavilion, ITC Windsor

ITC Hotels are among the ones most acclaimed for their elegant ambiance, top notch hospitality and great food that will leave you in amaze. ITC Windsor truly merges the Victorian ambiance with international service to create an experience that is mystical and unique every time you are there. Walking past the lobby you will feel the charisma it has within and ‘royal’ is the word which I say can stand close if I were to describe it.
Trip advisor currently rates Raj Pavilion among top 5 of the 10,111 places to eat in Bangalore; Zomato ranks the average consumer experience as 4 on a scale of 5. You hardly find a negative feedback about the restaurant and over the top, whoever I have asked personally about Raj Pavilion, they proudly vouch for the amazing experience they have had.
Popular for Continental, Asian and North Indian food, Raj pavilion a fine dining restaurant at ITC Windsor keeps running different food festivals as an add-on to the regular buffet spread, enabling its guests explore food from all across the world. One such festival running currently is ‘The Flavour of Nostalgia spiced with History – Anglo Indian Food Festival’.
Raj Pavilion, ITC Windsor is all set to offer some of the finest selections from this historic, subtle yet succulent in its flavors, The Anglo Indian Food.
Anglo Indian food is unique in its own way and in layman’s language it is a result of the strong influence of Indian cuisine on English food scene, Indian Khansamas (cooks) working at British households took aspects of the English cuisine and came up with their own variations of Indian methods of cooking, use of authentic Indian spices & ingredients to create Anglo-Indian Cuisine! There are soups tempered with cumin and red chillies, roasts cooked in whole spices like cloves, pepper and cinnamon, rissoles and croquettes flavored with turmeric and garam masala…. Over the years, Anglo-Indian cooking has become more Indian than British. Celebrate the legacy of Anglo Indian Cuisine with a bespoke menu featuring several all-time classics only at Raj Pavilion, ITC Windsor.
Some of the amazing ones that had an appeal to me were:
Baked eggs with tomato: Simple and healthy, this dish is rich in essential vitamins and is perfect for your breakfast or brunch. Baked eggs have been a favourite to me and when paired with tomatoes, herbs and some fine seasoning they make a nice rustic dish with combination of delicious flavours.
Potato chops: Delicious chops that can be served as great appetizers. Traditionally during the English times these chops were made using beef or meat like minced chicken or lamb. The Potato chops from the Anglo Indian Spread at ITC Windsor were perfect as chops should be crisp outside and soft and bag of flavours inside.
Keep a watch at the space for more lovely food experiences.
Till then keep exploring, keep sharing and keep eating for the love of food.

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