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The Indian Culinary Route brings ‘India on a platter’ with 12 Chefs 12 Cuisines

The Marriott in Whitefield is a premiere 5-star destination in Bangalore and is known for the luxury it offers to its guests. Taking it to newer heights Marriott has come up with a food festival which is first of its kind. The Indian Culinary Route is all set to provide you an experience unmatched, allowing you to experience the taste of multiple cuisines from different 12 regions across India.
Chefs from various Marriott’s across the nation have flown in with their own specialities, experience and their signature dish that they have mastered over years. With over 30+ dishes to try out from excluding the regular set of desserts and starters, it was not at all easy for me to taste everything and come up with this story. Great hospitality, Good food, amazing décor and all of this infused with Indian folk fusion music makes it an experience to remember and a must explore for all the food lovers out there.
The cuisines ranged from the delights of Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Lucknow, Karnataka, Kerala, Hyderabad, Chennai and Garhwal. Some of the dishes that caught hold of my taste buds were the Aleppy fish curry from Kerala, mutton pandhara and Shrikhand from Maharasthra, tava fried king fish from Hyderabad, mirch ka salan again from Hyderabad, Galawti kebabs from Lucknow.
Fish is one of my favourite fleshes so no questions asked on the taste of the fish I had both from Kerala and Hyderabad. The Mutton pandhara is something very different from what it sounds like and is made using of coconut milk as the base, the broth was perfectly seasoned with mild flavours of authentic Indian spices. Shrikhand that we get usually in the local market doesn’t has the authentic taste and the ones which we get packaged form Amul or Mother Dairy are also not so great. The shrikhand was yummy infused with strands of saffron for taste and added a distinct texture.
Mirch ka salan was a really interesting dish that caught my attention, a popular chilli and peanut based curry from Hyderabad, the taste and aroma of this preparation was so unique that I couldn’t resist asking the recipe from the Chef. You can also find the recipe link here. The Galawti Kebabs from Lucknow were something new to me, finely minced lamb mixed with spices and cooked on tava served with slices of paratha below them, soft, tender and tempting they were.
If you love creating experiences and that is how you live life, then you cannot miss this festival. Costs INR 3200 + taxes for this amazing culinary festival buffet which includes several non-alcoholic drinks. The festival ends this Sunday i.e 13th September so do try to make it and explore some delicious food from all across the nation.
Till then keep exploring, keep sharing and keep eating for the love of food!

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