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The Neighbourhood Bar – #5Weeks5Pubs – Week4

‘Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age.’ Said Sherlock Holmes to Dr Watson once, which, I feel is the perfect quote to describe our experience at Watson’s JP Nagar.

This new outlet is the third one after two extremely successful outlets at Vasanth Nagar and Ulsoor. It is one of the best locations to open at in south of Bengaluru. Within a month of its launch, the response has been really amazing and hardly there are days when they have space left. If you want to enjoy some real leisure time, old school types, watsons is among the best place you would want to be.

Watsons’ gives you the feeling of an old british style bar with good music and really reasonable food and alcohol, just like your ‘Neighbourhood Bar’. The minute you enter, you do not really get the feel of a downtown pub. It feels good! Open windows, fans running, amazing bar right at the entrance and loads of place to sit.

All seated and settled, first came in a south indian favourite! The super spicy favourite vegetable stuffed spicy chilli bhajjis.

Chicken/Veg Stuffed Chilli Bhajjis

Well, staying in Bangalore who isn’t aware of Bhajjis? I think everyone is. But how many of you have had a chance to grab a bhajji with a twist? Ohh yes, when we say twist, we really mean it. Chef Ashley really knows how to bring out the best from the simplest of the things.

Both, Chicken & Veg stuffed Chilli Bhajjis is something you should definitely need to try out at your neighbourhood pub – Watson’s. The batter though, wasn’t the traditional bhajji batter. It was more curnchier. The filling inside was a piping hot cabbage, carrot and onion mix, making the bhajjis even better!

Next in on our table was crispy chilli corn, a different take on the usual side kick to our drinking tales. Corn pellets that were fried in a batter and given a nice dose of spice, onions and chilli pieces.

For Main course, we had a Paneer Pesto Pizza. A thin crust, wood fired pizza smeared with pesto sauce, paneer and peppers over it. A perfect example of how vegetarian food can be extremely tasty and appealing to your taste buds!

Chef Ashley swears by his style of fusion food and that is very much evident in the presentation andtaste of every dish he sends out of his kitchen.

Mutton Chops

Okay, let me admit. I am already salivating. Ohh yes! It is that good. Ahh! Those perfectly cooked
meat coming off the long tail bones just like a cotton candy. Chef Ashley has lavishly flavoured these tender pieces of Mutton Chops, marinated & cooked in clay oven. This is yet another must try when at Watson’s.


Even before I start speaking about it, let me tell you – this was an absolute knocker. This thin crust pizza with a combination of Chilli Chicken, Spring Onion, Mushroom, Onion, Green Peppers, Olives & Tomatoes is a real steal and can give Dominos and Pizza Hut run for their money. If you are the one who just loves pizza, do not miss out on this.

Chicken/Veg Calzone 

And just when you think you have tried the best at Watson’s, Chef Ashley drops in with another gold from his kitchen in the form of Chicken and Veg calzone. Just look at the picture below, how well the outer cover is cooked and those brown puffed shades is so eye-pleasing. Talking about the chicken and veg fillings, a bite of it and you will be surprised with the burst of fresh flavours and hit of spice.

Moving on to some of the finest cocktails that you must try out at Watson’s JP Nagar:

Wow Watsons: This Vodka, Orange, lime, Cucumber and Honey combo is a total Wow! Which is why they call it “Wow Watsons”. A signature speciality and believe me 2 such glasses would be enough to get you high. Reading the ingredients from the cocktail menu I was a bit confused as to will really so many flavours complement each other the way they should… How will it taste… But, believe me its something really unique and folks at watsons’ know how to make their cocktails.

Ketel One Rasa: Chilli based cocktails are becoming really popular nowadays and I find a lot of people asking the bar tender guy to add some chilli even into their regular mojitos. Made with imported Ketel One Vodka, Chilli and Corriander its a true amaze, the balanced flavours of the spirit and the chillis along with the freshness of coriander makes it truly magical.

English Simmer Gin: Came across this interesting fact while speaking to the bar guy “Buying Gin during the olden times you’d be offered a simple choice: English Gin or Holland’s Gin. Hollands Gin was the Jenever, and English Gin was branded fancy names as Young Tom or Old Tom, or named after the distillery as Booth’s and Warrington. An amazing cocktail perfect for a lazy evening.

Till then keep exploring, keep partying and watch the space for more next week.

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