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Tiki Now! 3 dots and a dash Bangalore – #5Weeks5Pubs – #Week2

Reviving the tradition of Tiki at the newest sensation in Namma Bengaluru
‘Three Dots & A Dash’

Inspired by the legendary Donn Beach, the founding father of Tiki restaurants, they set out to bring the Tiki themed experience to Bangalore.  Located in Indiranagar, they are at the heart of Bangalore’s gastronomic district.

Their menu features multicultural cuisine inspired by Hawaiian fare, their cocktails are one of a kind served up in classic Tiki style.

The devil is in the details they say, and they’ve made sure to pay closer attention to the minute of the things, just to make sure the audience enjoys the authentic Tiki experience.  If you’re looking for a retro inspired evening or even want to host a themed party, nothing can get better than the newest sensation in Namma Bengaluru – Three Dots & A Dash.


One of its kind, we guess it’s the only or among the few tiki bars in Bangalore. The interiors and exteriors all have a lot of wooden finishing, elements like the lava lamps, bamboo plants, tropical murals, the tiki cocktail mugs everything adds to the raw look of a tropical south-pacific zone.


Cocktails at the 3 dots and a dash are mystical, they taste really amazing, are loaded to take you high are presented in a very un-conventional way and truly gives you the feel of the nostalgic tiki times. Don’t believe me just take a look at the video here.

What was really amazing that looking at the magical fog created by dry ice a couple of people from other tables came to us and asked if they could take videos, not only that I think some of them were so amazed that they ended up ordering the same ones just after we had our come in.
Some of the great signature cocktails from ‘3 dots and a dash’ are:

The Missionary Downfall: 

Ideally served in a collin’s glass, 3 dots Bangalore have something different for you to experience. They serve this amazing cocktail in a huge pirate mug, cooked with mint leaves, Bacardi white rum, lime and prominent flavours of peach. The flavours are too good, presentation is totally out of the box and I am sure this place is soon going to gain a lot of respect among the cocktail lovers.


A combination of white and dark rum mixed with fruit juices. Now what makes this signature cocktail even more interesting is that if you try and ‘Google’ about it you won’t find any details, this is something that the folks at 3 dots Bangalore have curated on their own and if you want to know how awesome it was, you must drop into 3 dots and a dash very soon.

Tiki bars are known for their rum based coktails.

Earlier, Pubs used to focus more on drinks, ambience & music but surprisingly or rather not, they
have a full-fledged menu with soups to appetizers to main course with vegetarian and non-
vegetarian equally balanced.

So, if you are at Three Dots & A Dash and is confused what should go in your stomach apart from those tantalizing cocktails, Team Unkrate suggests you these four speciality dishes which will leave a huge smile on your face.

Herb Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

OMG! I am person who dives in with chicken, fish, prawns and meat but this is an absolute veggies delight, it is just out of the world. We have in past tried a lot many mushroom items at different places so there is no huge expectation when we see ‘mushrooms’ on any menu.

What more can a Chef experiment with mushrooms, right? If you are looking for answers as we did,
these fresh herbs & mozzarella cheese stuffed with mushroom will make you shameless, asking for
more and more and more.

Alert: You will fall in love with this dish.

Chicken Cannoli Spring Rolls

This oven baked chicken cannoli with honey tabasco, parmesan cheese goes brilliantly with the
above mentioned drinks. Again, high five to Chef for experimenting with the traditional dish to
present something new and fresh in terms of taste. The chicken cannoli is baked with great care, it
just melts in the mouth and look at the colour and texture of the outer portion, ah so tempting.

Bacon Wrapped sausages

Be honest and tell me how many of you are salivating now? I mean what can get better than chicken
sausages wrapped in bacon.. right? Ohh hell, yeah. Ummmhh.. how good were they. This was like an
intense romance of chicken and bacon, yes better than SRK and Kajol or Brad and Angelina.

Homestyle Topped Nachos

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Nachos? At least I haven’t come across anyone who has ever said
no to it. This is another veggies delight right from momma’s kitchen (that’s how homely it looks).

So, stay tuned and keep a watch for more amazing pubs coming up next week.

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