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Paradise On Earth | Lonavla

Vinita Mundara

This article originally appeared on LifenCruise

As I’ve always been a “Bombay” kid, the extraordinaire humid and uncertainly hot weather comes as an attached misfit to me – this is when hill stations always come to rescue. One of the locations which holds a special place down memory lane is Lonavla. Yes, the famous landmark for savories like groundnut chikki and jelly candies.

One of the most finest stay I’ve had was at The Upper Deck Resort. Surrounded by hills and valleys, this low-key, all-inclusive resort is 4 kms from the Valvan Dam and 14 kms from the ancient Buddhist rock-cut shrines at Karla Caves in Maharashtra. The resort is breathtakingly situated above ground level helping you witness the clouds, fog and pristine dew drops anytime you go there.

An absolute treat to the eyes, this peace of heaven is just 4 hours away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and gives you a sense of tranquility on arrival itself.

It can cost big bucks but it’s an experience worth having. I am still so enticed to go back to this place and watch the ducks rowing, droplets of water on the glass panes, mist and fog all around. This is definitely paradise on earth.

Keep travelling, keep exploring.

Vinita Mundara

The misty hills, enchanted forests and glorious rivers is what Vinita talks and writes about. Other then sharing her travel stories, she is a Content aficionado and is someone with whom you can have endless conversations.

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