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4 Instagram travel shots you need to master

The article originally appeared on LifenCruise

Ask a Traveller if he/she was able to capture all that they wanted to in their last travel to “Kashmir”. And the answer would be an obvious no.

Though at heart, I am somehow nostalgic and still find myself inclined towards hard copy journals, the smell of paper, pictures from my instax, some information about the place, research that has gone to identify the best places to visit etc. adds to a different sense of pride, satisfaction and accomplishment. I equally appreciate my digital savvy counterparts.

Today technology is so easily accessible and platforms like flickr, instagram, Snapchat allowing us to connect to our friends, family with so much ease, it’s so easy to maintain your travel records, have access to it anytime, anywhere.

Instagram is one such platform which isn’t exploited and you could quickly build your own niche of followers and be successful. Here are the 4 Instagram travel shots you need to master.

Share a unique story: People are amazed looking at things they haven’t seen before, it’s in human nature. So you could try and capture moments which are unique.

Make them experience it for real: Your pictures should be able to showcase the true essence and enable people to visualize the story for real.

Capture the local essence: Capture the place’s charisma, elements that are exclusive to that place.

Detail is the key: Ensure that you have a good quality phone or camera lens so that you could capture clear shots.

Till then keep exploring and keep sharing for the love of travel.
(Published with permission)

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