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5 Loyal Faces of Bengaluru’s F&B Industry

Suman Prasad

Glamour is a synonym to the hospitality industry, it is very charming to the outside world but very few understand that it demands a lot of your physical and mental strength. Long story short, a successful career in this industry requires determination and flexible character. It is not the usual 9 to 6 job, it involves a great deal of variety, not only in terms of the hours you work, but also the work you do during those hours.

Not giving any heed to the challenges that comes along, there are few who keeps moving ahead, keeps climbing the organizational ladder with its hard work and determination. Such employees are very loyal towards their employer and Bengaluru has quite a lot of them who has been with a single employer (Hotels & Restaurants) as long as 33 years. They are the back bone, the strength, the heroes for any property, they are also the ones who is away from all the limelight.

Serving Staff, Truffles
Working with Truffles (earlier Ice & Spice) since 1983

Krishna is one of the most humble person you will ever come across. People who are regular at Truffles can vouch for one common sight, i.e. his never fading smile and ‘Vibhuti’ on his forehead. Not many people know his real name, Krishna is addressed as ‘Swamy’ by the customers and restaurant staff.


Truffles opened in 1981 and he has been working with them since 1983, i.e. over 33 years. He will turn 70 on September 12 but his passion and determination towards his job is just unmatchable. His son has completed hotel management and is working with a leading hotel. When asked, how many more years he wants to work, Swamy with his trademark smile says “That’s not up to me to decide. I will work till God allows me to”.

General Manager, JW Marriott Bengaluru
Working with Marriott Group since 1st September, 1998

Parul has been a loyal hand to Marriott Group for over 17 years now. She was the first employee for Marriott hotels in India and has witnessed the company grow manifold from 1 hotel back then to 34 hotels today. She says “I have been their true ambassador promoting their rich work culture while seeing the company thrive”.


She adds “This has been a journey where I have grown not only horizontally but laterally- this has aided me in becoming the professional that I am today. I see a brilliant future ahead of me with the Marriott. Even though I have had some offers coming my way all these years, I have never felt the need to consider them or take them up”.

Marriott’s philosophy of putting people first, “Take care of associates and they will take care of the customers” is something that has been synonymous to the brand since its very inception.

Reservations Officer, Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore
Working with Taj Group since 21st October, 1989

Christine has been working with Taj Group for over 26 years now and takes pride in this achievement.


She says“I started as a Trainee Telephone Operator and am working for the Reservation department today. These years have been a great learning experience, I have faced challenges but at the same time have learnt a lot from my seniors. These experiences have helped me grow professionally and personally, and has moulded me into an independent and a courageous person”.

Catering Assistant, Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore
Working with Taj Group since 05th December, 1985

Parameshwara has been a loyal face at Vivanta by Taj for over three decades now. He is a master at what he does and feels extremely happy with this long stint with the property.


He says “I have seen Taj grow and I have grown along with it. Taj has always been known for its warm and caring work culture and exceptional service and this gets stronger time & again as we see most of our guests coming back for the Taj experience.  Many of our guests have been a regular at our hotel for as long as 15 years.  I know the likes and dislikes of most of my regular guests and I am able to provide them with customized services. This just goes to show what draws them back”.

Chief Security Officer, Hotel Royal Orchid
Working with Royal Orchid since 14th March, 2001


Balakrishna has been with Royal Orchid property for over 15 years now and is determined to continue at the same place till he retires. Such a long journey in hospitality industry can be tiring but not for Balakrishna. He says “The work is never tiring as I am a Martial arts professional and have undergone physical & mental training”.

This article first appeared on The New Indian Express

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