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Eat Punjab, Drink Punjab, because it is Made In Punjab!

Oh yaar! Ki farak penda hai? Hun to mithai shitai bhi baaki hai. Itne main hi pet tight ho gya?
That was the voice in my head when I heard that I had to eat dessert at this super awesome restaurant a few weeks ago. I will not reveal the name of the place right away. By the language, you must have figured it has got something to do with the state that starts with “P”
This restaurant opened with great fanfare in the month of September. Though bogged down by external forces and its actual launch date pushed quite a few times, they did create some shor-sharaba! Located in the heart of the Bengaluru at UB city, this place is not to be missed.
I was invited to review the place and I chose to go over there for Dinner. Simplicity at any restaurant is a key factor to me. I am not a fan of qwerky walls, fancy cutlery etc. The restaurant should rather impress me with its food and taste. I have always maintained that simple interiors add to a lot of one’s appetite. It ensures you are not distracted by anything else and only focus on food. It also allows one to appreciate the Chef’s creation. This doesn’t mean that a restaurant must not get creative at all. It definitely should. Like at this one, the names of the dishes, the cocktails. Aha!
So it was the celebrated Made in Punjab by the restaurant tycoon, Zorawar Kalra’s Massive restaurants that I am writing about. I was super surprised that on a Wednesday night, this place was full. And even more surprising was that, it was quiet. All I could see was people eating and enjoying.
The menu for the evening was curated by the Chef and me being a Vegetarian, I would not be able to comment much on the meat aspects of the restaurant. However, from what I have heard from fellow foodies, it is supposed to be equally good.
I started off with a cocktail from the beverage menu. Syappa! No I am not talking about the FML factor, Syappa was what the cocktail was called. An awesome combination of Coffee, Garlic and Vodka. (Warning- this cocktail is super strong and can give you a kick simultaneously thanks to the Coffee. But you must try. ). My wife who accompanied me for this review ordered the Kala Khatta Chuski, which too was potent and enjoyable.
Moving to starters, we first had the signatures – “Popeye paaji Ki favourite Chaat” , Tokri Chaat. Presentation, taste, and brilliant I must say. But what came next was even better. Jau Mushroom ‘Chakli’, Dahi Patakas, and Paneer “Barrel Tikka” are the must try appetizers here. Jau Mushroom Chakli is mix of Punjabi spiced Barley & Mushroom kebabs served with Garlic and Mustard Chutney. The sweet taste of Barley with the tangy mushrooms, makes it a deadly combination.
Dahi Pataka, a personal favourite is hung curds croquettes served with spicy mint chutney. The burst of curds when you bite into it, is as good as a cheese filling! Paneer Barrel Tikka, true to its name is truly a barrel full of tangy flavours that make the paneer so appetizing. The paneer, if I had a dollar for every time I mentioned about its softness to the chef, I would be a millionaire. Soft paneer rolled with cheesy pickle stuffing! Nothing more to be said!
By the time I was done with it, I had almost filled my tummy! The main course that the chef served was Lehsun Palak Chenna- a modern take on Palak paneer with a twist. Honestly, I was a little disappointed with it, because it was very creamy and did not bring out the taste of the Palak that it is supposed to. The twist with fresh chenna is something worth trying.
Paneer Lababdar, a dish that I personally cook too, was great in taste, spices and a perfect dish to go with garlic naan! Try it out and if you need the recipe I can help you. Lastly their special, a tribute to the “Maa”- the Maa ki Daal was out of the world. Very rarely have I come across such tasty, creamy, buttery daal like the Maa in Bangalore! MIP sits right on the top!
The more I think of the last course, the more I cry! I miss the Ras “Dates” Malai, the Nukkad Jalebi and the Amristar di Lassi Pedhe de Naal- which was split into two between my wife and myself, yet it was hard to finish. The pictures below speak for themselves.

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