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‘All wine makers love a good glass of beer’ – Karishma Grover, Winemaker, Grover Zampa Vineyards

This interview is part of the series for International Women’s Day.

Karishma Grover, Winemaker, Grover Zampa Vineyards in an interview with Suman Prasad spoke in length about how she motivates herself at work, how she balances her personal & professional life, on how she chose to make a career in wine making and other interesting details.

Karishma Grover
Winemaker, Grover Zampa Vineyards

Excerpts from the interview.

On motivating herself at work

On most days I don’t need motivation as wine is my passion. On days when things aren’t going in the right direction I motivate myself by believing that tomorrow is a new day.

On keeping a balance between personal and professional life

This has been a major challenge for me. Since my passion for wines consumes my life, a balance between personal and professional life has always been difficult. Off late, I am making conscious efforts to spend more time with family and friends. If anyone has ever found the secret to maintaining a work life balance, I am more than happy to know it.

On what made her decide to establish her career in wine making and the initial challenges

I was brought up around wine. The first wine I tasted was Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame, one of the best champagnes in the world. So naturally I fell in love with wines.

The Indian wine industry is a challenging market as people prefer international labels over domestic. Also the marketing and adverting norms are very restrictive.

On skills which  are important to be a good leader

Compassion, knowing your limitations and working on them, being firm and resolute are key qualities of a leader. Also one should not be hesitant in taking unpopular decisions if they are in the best interest of company.

On the biggest issue facing women her age today

We have a stereotypical image in our mind that women who aren’t married or who choose not to have a child or are unable to bear one, lead an unfulfilled life. As a result, we are constantly being pushed to ‘have it all’. This not only puts pressure on us to become perfect as per society’s norms, but also highlights the lopsided expectations the society has from both men and women.

Favorite drink and comfort food

Favorite comfort food is homemade food since I travel a lot and favorite drink would be Grover Zampa La Reserve Red.

One drink after a hard day

Beer – All wine makers love a good glass of beer.

Your favorite wine in the world

It’s impossible to list one, I really love all of my own wines and another favorite is the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame.

On whether it is important to have an International Women’s Day

Through decades, this day has been revered for its historical relevance celebrating the courage, struggle and achievements of women across the world. However, I believe everyday a woman should be celebrated for her contribution & achievements across different domains.

Tips for women who want to make a career in Wine making

These are tips for anyone who wants to pursue a career in wine making: Education in this field is of crucial importance. Also you need to be passionate about wines.

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