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‘My father was my inspiration which made me join this industry’ – Neelam Sircar, Pastry Chef, Massive Restaurants

This interview is part of the series for International Women’s Day.


A typical Delhi girl, who loves chaat, kulfis and Rajma Chawal, Chef Neelam Sircar received her primary education in Delhi and has studied at the Bosco Public School. With her parents owning the legendary ‘Baljeet Amristsari Kulcha’ stores across Delhi, right since childhood, Chef Neelam has been closely associated with food, which later prompted her to pursue a career in the Hospitality industry.

Her love for food and zeal to hone her culinary skills led her to enroll herself in the STEP Program by the Oberoi group of hotels to learn more about confectionery and patisserie. After completing her formal training, she joined the Oberoi group of hotels and has worked at different properties, including Udaivillas, the Lalit group of hotels. With a total experience of 8 years in confectionery and patisserie, she joined Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd in 2016 as Pastry Chef where she continues to make desserts a work of art.

Neelam Sircar
Pastry Chef, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd

Chef Neelam Sircar, in an interview with Suman Prasad spoke in length about how she motivates herself at work, how she balances her personal & professional life, on how she chose to make a career in F&B and other interesting details.

On keeping herself motivate yourself at work

The job I am into, is my passion that I have been following over the years. I have only become more passionate about cooking, in my case pastry and confectionery, thus my work itself keeps me motivated throughout.

On keeping a balance between personal and professional life

Well that’s a very difficult thing to manage being in food and hospitality industry. However, as me and my better half are both into this culinary profession, we tend to understand each other better and we don’t demand much of time and attention rather find time after work or a common off day whichever we get. The “true chef life” hanging out during odd hours and now that we also have a 4 months old baby, he kind of joins us.

On what made her decide to establish her career in F&B and the initial challenges

My father was my inspiration which made me join this industry. He started a small eat out joint on the street which has now grown over the years without any formal education. He always wanted me to acquire those skills so that I could help him evolve. Although he is no more, I still play a lead role in making decisions related to my family business.

Challenges which I faced were those which most of the lady chefs would face, as we all know it is more of a male dominated industry so to prove yourself that even a woman is capable of handling the physical and mental pressure is a challenge but once I knew how to handle, it was easy.

On skills which are important to be a good leader

We as leaders need to get our basic skills and technical knowledge absolutely right to overcome all sort of challenges moreover being human and working with dignity with the team will always give you an upper edge as a leader.

​On whether it is important to have an International Women’s Day

Yes we should celebrate our womanhood and I think a women’s day gives you a chance to make yourself feel important.

Tips for women who want to make a career in F&B industry

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going so be tough.

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