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The Lime Diaries Travel Stories: Dancing Around The World

Byond Travel is back for its second Lime Diaries event this season and this time is takes you on a journey across the world, through the universal language of dance.  The episode will feature – Michal Krajci, a professional breakdancer who once drove over 15,000 kilometers across Europe- just to dance, Alex Victor who is on a quest to break gender stereotypes through belly dancing and Meghna Das, a classical dancer who  has been performing  on stage ever since she was 3.

The series brings together travellers who’ve been all over the world and, sometimes, not at all far from home. So, talk to fellow travellers, share tales of people, places, food, your personal fears and triumphs, challenges and stories of unforgettable moments, conversations and experiences. After all, as they say, the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.

The Lime Diaries, curated by Byond Travel, rediscovers the lost art of storytelling with travellers sharing unforgettable and often humorous anecdotes from the road. It brings together a like-minded community of travellers, people curious about the world around us and with a passion to listen to stories, drink some beer, learn from each other and laugh together.

The Storytellers:

1) Michal Krajci
Michal is a professional breakdancer who loves performing across the world, one dance battle at a time. He believes dancing opens doors to the hearts of fellow performers and lets you meet incredible people. On May 31,  watch him perform and listen to how he once drove over 15,000 kilometers across Europe- just to dance.

2) Alex Victor
Alex is on a quest to break stereotypes through belly dancing. A talented soloist trained in Kathak and other art forms, his never-ending passion for dance has helped him connect with diverse communities. Listen to him tell us about how he wishes to overcome social stigma and prove that art forms are never gender-specific.

3) Meghna Das
Ever since she was 3, Meghna has been performing in stages as a classical dancer. She has trained in Odissi, an ancient Indian dance form for over 16 years and has performed in several reputed festivals.

Date: Wednesday, May 31
Time: 7:30 pm onwards
Where: The Humming Tree, Indiranagar
Entry:  Rs. 250 per head

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