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Tea Cultures of the World

Chai, Tea, Chaya, Chai Tea, Chai latte, Black Tea, Lemon tea, Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Ginger Lemon Grass, Tea, Oolong, Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Earl Grey, Assam Tea… Phew!
Did we just sound like the waiter rattling off his menu?
Well, the list is endless. But what a cup of Tea can do, is not rocket science. Tea in India was introduced by the British who found the country the perfect place to grow and brew. Tea though is consumed across the world, but at the scale that it is in India, perhaps no other country comes close.
Different countries have their ways, and flavours of making or brewing tea. To take me through this journey, we were sent across a a slick looking box with the best teas from the world. I now truly believed that I was on the road to salvation. 8 different teas- from 8 different cultures- 1 person. You get the drift?
But what if I told you, these 8 were only the tip of the Iceberg? They sell over 80 different varieties of Tea on their store. MindBlown! Each tea has a history and I am going to attempt at decoding it. Btw, if you think you were a novice in brewing tea, worry not. Each sachet of their tea comes with:
  • Notes of the tea
  • Health benefits
  • how to brew- temperature, water, duration it must remain in your cup.
Behold while I attempt to describe each tea on their unique aromas, shades and flavours. I started with a personal favourite-
Kashmiri Kahwa: From the valleys, the tea bag consists of Green Tea, Cardomom, Cinamon & cloves. This stands out with its mild flavours of the spices and does not overpower the taste of the tea as a whole. That is the best part about a Kahwa. You want it to keep you warm and cuddly reminding you of the valleys.
Darjeeling: From the northern part of the Himalayas to the East, tea has its own significance. The Darjeeling tea is known across the world for its refreshing taste. The essence of muscatel tones is significant like the original Darjeeling tea. To describe the muscatel flavour is difficult, because it is more of an acquired taste. However it is more of a caramel, with woody hints or of smoked grapes.
Earl Grey: The world’s most popular black tea, comes from the hills of assam that makes for the world’s largest share of exports. Black tea with hints of Bergamot Orange Flavour, is a perfect companion to your breakfast.
Sencha: Little ahead in the east, from the land of the rising sun, comes the whole leaf green tea. Do not be misled by the ingredients that say it has hints of seaweed. The flavour of seaweed is mild and just adds a little saltiness to it. Overall the tea is light, a slightly sweet and salty with enjoyable flavours.
Oolong: Say ooolong- If you have seen Kung-fu Panda, you will remember its mentions in the movie. Considered by the Ming dynasty as a tea know for its anti aging properties, this tea is extremely rich in its flavours thanks to its choicest of spices.
Rooibos: A native of South Africa, this is tea is distinct in its colour (maroon red), sweet taste and smooth texture. A cup that you would enjoy over a relaxed rainy evening.
Imperial White: A distinct white tea with hints of Jasmine flowers. Not to be mistaken as Jasmine tea. This tea is soothening with strong floral flavours of Jasmine. The tea helps reduce hypertension, stress and is rich in calcium.
Chamomile: Last but not the least, the Chamomile is something that is best had before you sleep. A cup of chamomile aids in relaxation, sleep, relieves anxiety. The tea bag consists of green tea and actual dried Chamomile flowers that add a nice floral tone to the tea.
Honestly, I have never been a tea person. I usually stick to my green tea or lemon tea and do not venture into the milk tea. This box however has changed my mind and I now know what I enjoy.
Check out their store here.

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