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Embark on a culinary journey from across the orient at 1Q1

Enhancing the city’s reputation as a destination for epicureans, arrives 1Q1, a restaurant, bar and nightlife venue that is all set to make an indelible mark in Bangalore with its varied offerings ranging from authentic Asian cuisine and spirited cocktails to a bustling party spot. Set in the regal Indian Express Building on Queens Road, the name of this majestic Art Deco inspired kitchen and bar is derived from the number of the building and pin code of its address – No.1, Queens Road, Bangalore 1. The name is also a palindrome and the logo unit an ambigram.

As you enter 1Q1, the simple act of dining transforms into a sensorial experience with a flair for drama. Styled to resonate the Art Deco architecture of the iconic building it resides in, the restaurant is partitioned into – an elegant fine dining area for  a relaxed sit-down meal, a high-energy space that houses a stage, an oval-shaped island bar and an outdoor alfresco dining area where guests can sit by the robatayaki grill.

Conceptualised and designed by the award-winning architectural firm Khosla & Associates, the grand sprawling interiors, reminiscent of a by-gone era, are interspersed with contemporary interpretations. The luxe interiors are marked by soaring vaulted arches, warm lighting, ziggurat patterned frieze artworks and original deco cabinetry inspired from the roaring 1920s that feel right at home in 2017.

The Art Deco inspiration also reflects in the visual identity of 1Q1, designed by SECOND: Design + Media. The identity is formed using shippo tsunagi, the repetitive Japanese art form that is inspired from Art Deco. Another deco element that can be found is the use of arches. These geometric shapes are complemented by the use of botanical elements to create an identity that is as striking as the space.

Speaking about the restaurant, Anirudh Kheny, Partner, 1Q1, says, “It all began with a desire to create a space that we ourselves would love to spend time in and also want others to share the same experience. After a lot of search, my partners and I chanced upon this location and we knew nothing less than spectacular would do justice to this space. At 1Q1, our aim is to create an unforgettable experience for guests with eclectic cuisine, crafted cocktails and entertainment in an ambience that is dramatic.”

“Having been in the hospitality business for over ten years now, I believe 1Q1 will fill the vacuum that Bangalore has by providing gourmet Asian cuisine coupled with high energy entertainment,” adds Chethan Hegde, Partner, 1Q1.

At the very heart of 1Q1 is the culinary experience it offers – authentic Asian cuisine infused with strains of modernity with an emphasis on quality. The kitchen is helmed by Chef Mako Ravindran who has curated a menu that traverses the length and breadth of Asia, bringing forth its traditional fare, yet taking into consideration the influences of its evolution across the world.

One of the highlights of 1Q1 is Nikkei Cuisine, a culinary style that is a blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines with its origins in the late 1800’s. The dim-sums are a must try and so is the Hainanese chicken rice, Korean Bibimbap and a nice hot bowl of Ramen noodles.

“As a chef, the journey to finding one’s own style has to be a storyboard of your past and of your roots. We, at 1Q1, have approached our food and drinks with the same enthusiasm so that the presentation and the taste vary from dish to dish. Our classic sushi is presented traditionally, whereas our South American sushi has a Latin personality,” says Chef Mako Ravindran, Food & Beverage Consultant at 1Q1.

There is a dash of drama in all of 1Q1’s offerings and this is true to the buzzing, expansive bar that sits perched with a purpose. Patrons can watch skilled bartenders craft intoxicating cocktails and shake up concoctions with bold new flavors from the orient. If cocktails aren’t your thing, there is a wide selection of single malts and fine wine to satisfy your taste buds.

“In my perspective, there is a feeling of contentment when you are sipping on a drink that is well balanced in all its aspects like depth of flavour and complexity that works seamlessly and leaves you reinvigorated. At 1Q1, we have created a symbiotic connection between the food and drinks,” says Chef Manjit Singh, Food & Beverage Consultant at 1Q1.

In line with the bar is a stage that lets 1Q1 double up as a live performance space that will host curated music acts.

The deco-inspired interiors, evolved Asian cuisine, an impressive bar menu and live music acts spanning different genres, all work in harmony create an alluring vibe that stimulates all the senses. 1Q1 has the ability to transform from a sophisticated fine-dining restaurant during the day to a buzzing and energetic nocturnal venue.

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