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The Sanchez Taqueria Menu

If you have been searching for an occasion to feast on delicious tacos, look no further. Come November, Sanchez treats the city with a range of crunchy and soft shell tacos with delightful fillings.

The Taqueria menu, curated by Chef Vikas Seth, features an eclectic selection of tacos including Sanchez’s signature Hard Yellow Corn Tacos, authentic blue corn hard tacos, modern soft roasted beet corn tacos, healthy soft spinach corn tacos, nutritious grated carrot corn tacos and colorful purple tacos made from red cabbage juice.

Watch out for the Smokey Chipotle Pulled Chicken in Blue Corn Tacos, Tenderloin Tampiquena in Purple Tacos and Crumbled Queso Fresco and Barbequed Mushrooms in Spinach Tacos. A must try for seafood aficionados are the Beer Battered Soft Shell Crab and the Char Grilled Serrano Baby Lobster tacos.

The tacos are served with a choice of charro black beans flavored with Mexican chorizo and bacon or refried beans and Pico De Gallo.
The final dish on the menu is the Dulce de leche Ice Cream and Chocolate Macaroon Taco accompanied by chocolate pearls, caramel pop corn and cinnamon sugar cactus, the perfect indulgence to top off a perfect meal!

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