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‘Today’s generation understands the importance of healthy eating habits and are mindful of their diet’ – Manish Uniyal, Head Chef at Hyatt Centric

Thanos turned half the universe to dust with just a snap in Avengers: Infinity War. However, what brought in the wave of healthy food and lifestyle in India in the last 2-3 is still a matter of debate. Suddenly everyone started talking about the superfoods, people became concerned about their health, gym memberships were added to the shopping list, health startups were born and what not – did an alternate Thanos snap his fingers here on Earth for real?
Unlike Thanos’ snap, the good thing about this ‘real snap’ is, it is a positive development in the country. Whatever the reason may be behind this sudden change, it is for good. I have seen people around me being particular about what they eat now. Does this mean that people do not enjoy their lives or do not party or do not drink anymore? Absolutely not! The change we are talking about here is ‘balance’.
Many of the health factors boil down to our daily food and the Bengaluru based hotels and restaurants have given serious thought to this health wave, from altering their menus to out-of-the-box activities for their customers.
One such Bengaluru based hotel who have increased their focus towards wellness and fitness is Hyatt Centric. Manish Uniyal, Head Chef at Hyatt Centric Bengaluru in an exclusive interview with Unkrate India spoke in length about the various initiatives undertaken by the hotel.
Excerpts from the interview:
Factors contributing to the phenomenal rise in health-conscious diners in Bengaluru
In today’s highly competitive world, career aspirations and a desirable socioeconomic standing have led to higher stress levels among youth. The good thing is that today’s generation understands the importance of healthy eating habits and are mindful of their diet. Awareness about lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, heart ailments have also contributed to the rise of health-conscious dining. Current food trends are heavily inclined to health-conscious eating.
Rise in accommodating health food for diners with exclusive menus
With the advent of healthy dining concept, the food establishments have realized that providing a section or still better, an exclusive menu with health food would not only diversify their consumer base but will also attract new customers.
We [Hyatt Centric] have created an exclusive wellness menu, which goes beyond the run-of-the-mill food that contributes to a healthy diet. We have included various superfoods, like wheatgrass, avocado, quinoa, hormone-free lean meat in it. All the dishes are tagged with the limited calories count.
Rise in corporate healthy diners
Healthy eating is going to be the mantra among corporates for the workplace wellbeing of their teams. Research has shown that mindful eating can produce higher output among employees.
In the past, we have hosted conferences and meetings with specific requests being made about the menu to include food that promotes thinking faculties, keeps mind energized and is high on natural stimulants. This way planners can directly co-relate food to intelligence and attentiveness of the participants.
Three pillars of wellness at Hyatt Centric
Food and beverage initiatives at Hyatt are driven by our worldwide initiative Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served. It is focused on sourcing and providing food and beverage options that are good for our guests and associates, for the planet, and for local communities. Hyatt is the first global hospitality brand to make a commitment of this magnitude.
The three pillars of wellness in Hyatt are Feel (Rest and Relaxation), Fuel (Healthy Nutrition) and Function (Exercise). As part of our commitment to provide wellness and sustenance to our patrons, we have launched a wellness menu which features a host of fruit, juice and smoothie options, along with superfoods. It is available for both our in-house and non-resident patrons.
As part of Hyatt’s global wellness drive, we regularly conduct Yoga sessions. Through the World of Hyatt, we have recently launched FIND, a new well-being experiences platform, which was shaped by consumer interest in experiences over transformative travel. It allows us to provide members with more value and care while aligning with our overall well-being focus.
Healthy Food vs Fast food preference among consumers
Among the present-day food consumers, buying choices are still mostly governed by individual preferences, which can be temperamental in nature. Having said that, the awareness levels that we see today have never been witnessed before, people are conscious about their diets, calorie intake, good fat vs bad, brain food, etc. have found their way into our lifestyle deftly.
Emerging Food Trends
Assimilating good fats from sources like salmon, walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc. in diets will be healthy culinary trends in coming days. Use of hardy ancient or heirloom grains like Amaranth, Sorghum, Spelt, will also continue its rise of popularity. Probiotic food will also be a go-to culinary trend in the coming days.

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