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REVIEW: Luminox Bear Grylls Collection- Go all out!

A couple of weeks back, a day or two before the 60 days lockdown came into place, I was sent across a package that I had to review. My friend Abhinandan then told me it was something I wouldn’t regret! I couldn’t agree more.

Luminox earlier this year- we are in May, so that holds true; launched its all new collection in association with a man we Indians have suddenly become known to after he took the head of the country, on an adventure! You guessed it right!

Bear Grylls, the ultimate adventure freak, the world’s most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure, having spent his career in the wild, navigating some of the most extreme landscapes on earth and coming out of the most dangerous situations alive and unharmed. 

Now as a watch enthusiast, I own about 60-70 timepieces ranging from a vintage Ricoh, to a Tissot, the swiss Wenger and closer to India, every Indian’s timepiece- HMT, One knows that Luminox watches can survive just about anything. Water resistant up to 300 meters and cased in light, durable, and tough CARBONOX™ or stainless steel, these watches are built to accompany you in the most extreme conditions on Earth. If Bear Grylls can survive it, these watches can too.
The Bear Grylls collection consists of watches in all of Luminox’s signature series: Sea, Air and Land. The first six models (4 in SEA and 2 in LAND) were introduced in January 2020, while the other two models (AIR) are scheduled for August 2020.

All of the Luminox X Bear Grylls watches that launched in January feature CARBONOX cases – CARBONOXis a carbon-based material exclusive to Luminox which is Light, hypoallergenic and extremely durable and resistant – while the watches launching in August will be made out of grade 316L stainless steel, ensuring superior durability. (*Can’t wait to get my hands on those too*)
40 days with a beast of a timepiece- What do I have to say? All I have to say is- Luminox, can I please have the watch back?
Over the last few years, we’ve seen people transition from Analog watches to Smart watches that are now manufactured by Mobile phone companies often do the job when it comes to daily tasks. From measuring your heart beat to tracking footsteps. However, the beauty of analog watches is that they are made for adventure! From office wear to parties to treks, you tend to wear these over others.
So, to review this piece, I went into Bear Grylls mode in my apartment jungle and tested it out! Behold the pictures and my thoughts.
The watch is truly rugged while it also feels premium and classy. The words carved on the watch back- ‘Never Give Up’ remind you of Bear’s philosophy in life. The strap is reassuring and does not bite into your skin. Made with natural rubber, it doesn’t seem like rubber at the first glance! It also doubles up as a ruler to measure distances while on your adventure.
Coming to the dial and the main time-piece, every Luminox watch comes with a proprietary Luminox Light Technology so that the watch is visible in any lighting conditions and will remain so for up to 25 years.
Depending on the model, the watches incorporate chronograph functions, compasses, paracord straps, morse code decoders, rulers, walking speed scales. Mine had a compass that you could remove depending on where you were wearing it. 
While it does come across as chunky and huge- it is a 45 mm dial, it doesn’t at any point feel heavy or come across as a hindrance during your daily tasks. The bright orange straps go with almost every colour so it definitely shouldn’t be an issue pairing it up with a party look. If you love experimenting, I would definitely encourage you to wear it with daily office wear, because it will turn a lot of heads.
The buttons are soft and one does not have to put in a lot of effort to use the chronograph. The battery, the makers claim lasts for 50 months and I will not contest that. Perhaps if I buy one, I could verify this claim 😉
Lastly, priced at roughly Rs 51,072, you can own one of these from here.
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