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34% fathers in India consciously take out quality time for their kids daily, finds an AppyStore survey

Press Release: On the occasion of Father’s Day, the leading subscription-based curated content platform for kids, AppyStore has released the findings of its pan-India survey on the father-child equation in India. Some of the facts revealed by the survey shed light on the way in which modern Indian fathers are fast embracing their role as an equal stakeholder in the parenting and nurturing of their children. 34% of Indian fathers have been found to consciously make quality time for their kids every day. Interestingly, it was also found that Indian fathers are typically more indulgent with their children, spending upwards of Rs. 500 every month on fun learning tools for them. The survey was undertaken across tier 1 and 2 cities of India and drew participation from over 1,167 parents.

Mr. Manoj Barot, Director Marketing, Mauj Mobile which owns AppyStore, said, “As a platform dedicated to the edutainment and development of young children, we periodically conduct studies that help us better understand the parent-child relationship in India. On the occasion of Father’s Day, we decided to specifically focus on Indian fathers and their role in bringing up children in India. We mapped the difference in approaches towards parenting in mothers and fathers.”

He further added, “We strongly believe that the way a father interacts with his child has a deep bearing on his/her personality. It was gladdening to see that many trends in India veer towards the positive and that fathers are taking a keen interest and playing an enthusiastic role in the upbringing of their kids. AppyStore consciously aims to help parents give their children the right upbringing they deserve through these surveys and studies.”

Some of the key findings of the survey are as follows:

  • Fathers are active parents: 34% fathers spend conscious time with their kids daily.
  • Fathers want the kids to be well rounded: 50% of fathers surveyed stressed on the importance of extracurricular activities in the development of their child. Only 21% mothers, on the other hand, gave more emphasis on extracurricular activities.
  • Fathers believe digital enhances child’s learning: More than 4/5th fathers use the digital medium to impart new concepts to their kids.
  • Fathers are more indulgent: More than 38% fathers spend upwards of Rs 1500/- on fun learning tools for their kids.
  • Fathers defer educational decisions to mothers: Mothers are key decision makers with as much as 66 % taking unilateral decisions with respect to their child’s education and development.
  • Fathers track child’s progress benchmarked to other kids: When it comes to checking the progress of their kids, fathers usually rely on benchmarks close at hand and hence 40% fathers check their kids’ progress as compared to kids nearby. 33% mothers, on the other hand, rely on teachers at school to check the progress of their child.

AppyStore, which offers a wide assortment of educational content for children of up to 8 years, has clocked close to 3.5 million visitors through its mobile site since its launch in December 2014. It has recorded more than 1.6 million downloads of videos. The Android mobile app was launched in January 2015 and has been highly appreciated by parents across the country. The app has witnessed close to 5,000 downloads till date and is rated 4.6 on Google Play by more than 300 parents. The success of AppyStore can be attributed to the way it makes learning fun for children in their formative years by blending education with entertainment in exciting and appealing formats.

*Survey was conducted with 1167 parents in India.

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