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Global, Local or GLOCAL, what’s your avatar?

Suman Prasad
Bangalore culinary chapter is turning up the heat and how. Every new restaurant is bringing along something exciting and unique on the table for its diners. It is heartening to see the restaurant owners and chefs putting in so much of effort to work on a concept, name of the place and menu selection which is not only ‘hatke’ but interesting as well.

One of the latest trends that every restaurant today is trying to hop on is ‘Fusion Food’ but only a handful of them has been successful doing it. One such restaurant and bar with the name ‘Glocal Junction’ launched in the city last month which is all set to elevate the ‘Fusion Food’ to a different level. It has all the elements to be a hot spot for diners – brilliant concept, rustic interiors, peppy music, lip-smacking fusion food, unimaginable desserts and tantalizing cocktails.

Glocal Junction is a new-age all day dining and bar, with a touch that’s local. It starts as a soothing space as the day begins and converts into a high-energy casual night spot by sundown that potentially binds together the concepts of an all-day dining and a casual lounge seamlessly. It is an ultimate culinary destination for patrons to enjoy breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner or drinks, thereby offering a smooth setting for every mood and time.

It is a brainchild of Sanjay Vazirani, an established restaurateur and the CEO & founder of Foodlink Services. Talking about his culinary journey, Vazirani says “Our journey began in 2012 with the establishment of China Bistro in Mumbai, and in a span of just three years we now successfully deliver exceptional dining experiences across 10 restaurants designed in three distinct restaurant formats. Currently we are operating in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore under the brand formats of Glocal Junction, China Bistro and India Bistro”.

Every city has its own taste and preferences. Talking about Bangalore and other cities, Vazirani says “Be it Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad, people today are well travelled and well abreast about the culinary trends that are popular in India and globally. However, their taste buds are still more accustomed to the regional flavours and food variety that are available in their respective cities”.

Further in comparison, he adds “Hyderabad is more acceptable of higher spice levels, in Mumbai the street food is very popular whereas in Bangalore people are open to experimentation. Bangaloreans are the well-travelled lot and they love the classics as well as the fusion of flavours”.

There so many restaurants that fizzled out in a couple of months after a promising start. Vazirani having led ten restaurants successfully over the period of four years feels that ‘Innovation, Consistency and Continuous Evolution’ are the most important factors that can make or break any restaurant business.

He justifies “A restaurant must offer a fresh experience at value for money prices to differentiate itself from the clutter. It must then maintain the consistency in terms of quality and the experience that it offers. Moving further, it must continue to evolve and keep up with the demanding trends to sustain”.

Vazirani further plans to open eight more Glocal Junction outlets in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad by March 2017.

His advice for budding entrepreneurs, who want to make it big in the hospitality industry, is very simple and straight from the heart. He suggests “Get your head down and work hard. It is not about the money, just get on with the job and try and obtain as much experience as you can, whatever job you are doing wherever you are working, just absorb as much as you can. If you persevere with it, the rewards will come later”.

Talking about the food and drinks menu at Glocal Junction, it has a component where there is an amalgamation of global cuisines with a twist of regional flavors. Various ingredients, cuisines and techniques have been combined to evolve different gastronomies, thereby offering some of the iconic dishes in a renewed avatar – the Glocal avatar!

The appealing part of this place is that there are separate menus for different times of the day. The whole idea is to surprise the guests in a pleasant way that will surely remind them of the local flavours and yet at the same time offer several classic dishes.

Must Try Starters and Main Course

  • Chat Pizza
  • Kung Fu Nuggets
  • Half Roast Bird
  • Tawa Pulao
  • Biryani Risotto

Must Try Desserts

  • Masala Chai Panacotta
  • Baked Filter Coffee
  • Hazelnut Torte
  • Beeramisu
  • Waffle Brownie
  • Kalkatta Paan Cheese Cake

Must Try Cocktails

  • Mirage
  • Black Magic
  • Thailee
  • GLIT: Glocal Long Island Tea

This article first appeared on The New Indian Express.

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