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Escapade to Punjab | Granary of India

Vinita Mundara

This article originally appeared on LifenCruise

This was my “first kind of” solo trip I took in last May (I know scorching heat, etc) but towards the end of this journey, it was all worth the sweat. So packed my bags, took a flight to Delhi, later took an inter-city train towards Beas, Punjab. Beas is a peaceful and calm riverfront town in the Amritsar district of Punjab.

I stayed at the Dera, elaborately called the Radha Soami Satsang Dera. It’s a mini township of 7000 residents who follow the words of Baba Jaimalji, the preacher and worshiped idol who heads the Dera. Over the weekend, many people from across cities and even countries come visit the Satsang to witness inner-peace.

Because cellphones, laptops or any electronic gadget were not allowed inside the Dera premises, I cannot share the self-clicked images here, though few images are here to impress you enough to take a visit there in October-November though, it is pleasantly cold then. The Dera had 4 types of canteens serving different Indian cuisines at a very minimal rate. For instance I ate a couple of Aaloo parathas (potato stuffed Indian bread) for Rs. 8 INR. Surprising, right? The place was beautifully covered with lush green gardens, 24X7 supply of water, windy atmosphere. I had a scintillating experience staying there without my phone and other worldly things.

I took a cab towards Wagah Border, Punjab. The feeling of patriotism and oneness is something you’ll highly encounter at this spot. There were foreign tourists, kids, young families and many more who gathered to see the March pass which happens early evening every day at the border. With Indian film patriotic songs playing in the background, many savories to eat around, the air felt like home to thousands of Indians. It was indeed a thrilling experience.

Next day, I headed to my last destination – Amritsar. I first visited the Golden Temple. It’s a masterpiece of architecture. Beautifully carved, decorated with sheeny pure gold – it felt like a monument of serenity. The waters gushing in the pond, the beautiful orange fishes making their way to and fro, the calm soothing prayer song made me feel at utmost peace and calm from within.

Just near by is the famous landmark of the huge gun shooting and firing, the Jallianwala Baug, where the huge massacre took place long years ago. It was more like a garden when you enter, the storytellers there, tour guides and other men briefly explained the story of the Massacre, quite heart wrenching how people lost their lives.

As soon as I felt from here, headed to satisfy my taste buds at Bharawan Da Dhaba, popular for thier Amritsari Kulchas and later, to sip on the popular Gyaani Di Lassi. It was 4 times the size of a normal steel glassware, believe me- the entire experience was worth the try.

This was my little escapade to Punjab with several memories deep inside my heart.

For the love of travel tales, views and mind-images – keep travelling, inspiring and winning the world.

Vinita Mundara

The misty hills, enchanted forests and glorious rivers is what Vinita talks and writes about. Other then sharing her travel stories, she is a Content aficionado and is someone with whom you can have endless conversations.

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