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3 Most Told Lies In India

Tejas Krishna

‘Telling lies no papa’ I guess all of us have recited these lines over and over again during our childhood. Telling lies isn’t good unless it’s for someones benefit is how the lines got customized as we grew old.

If we see around today, telling lies is a norm. The politicians lie about better infra, reduced cost to over a billion people, employees lie to their bosses while applying for leave, children lie to their parents and sneak out in the name of group studies, boyfriends lie to make it for the only boy’s game.

I am sure you must be thinking of your most recent lie to your wife, boss, colleague, parents, and so on. Don’t believe this? Check out the 3 most told lies by Indians:

         1. Tu Mera Bhai Hai. (After 4 Pegs)

         2. Baat Paison Ki Nahi Hai (While Splitting Bills)

         3. World’s Most Beautiful Couple (On FB)


(Image copyrights owned by Suhaag, Jenny Ketcham, YouTube)

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