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3 Reasons Why Sunrise Festival Was a Massive Hit and Why You Should Not Miss Out On The Next Event

Sunrise Festival is the brainchild of A Corporate Affair that came into existence with the first Sunrise Party held on 22nd June 2013 which was a carnival of energy and madness like never before. The property has become bigger and better with each edition and is getting recognition domestically and internationally.

With a unique and varied collection of DJ’s from across the world, Sunrise Festival lets you enjoy music on the next level. There’s nothing quite like the magic of a unique music festival, letting people dance all night in the sands of Puducherry while enjoying the never-ending breeze from the Bay of Bengal and watching the first rays of the sun break along the east coast as EDM lovers party with friends. It’s a hypnotic spell leaving the audience craving for more.

So here are the top 3 reasons why the recently concluded Sunrise Festival in Puducherry was a massive hit all the way and if you have missed it this time, why you should be on your toes to attend it next time:

India’s First and Only All Night Music Festival

There is no party like Sunrise Festival. It is India’s first experiential beach party which starts at dusk and ends at dawn which gives you an opportunity to break away from the mundane routine of your daily life and experience electronic music while enjoying the feeling of nature and letting go.

                                                               Picture Credit: Sunrise Festival

Incredible line up of Indian & International DJs
The lifeline of any music festival is the line-up of DJs who keeps the crowd on their toes. And when you have the best 9 Indian & International DJs playing mind-boggling music all night, things can only go crazy.

                                                              Picture Credit: Sunrise Festival

Most Happening Crowd Ever 

If DJs are the lifeline of any festival, crowd or fans is what makes a music festival successful, Sunrise Festival had both. We have never seen such happening crowd in any festival ever.

                                                            Picture Credit: Sunrise Festival

The number of footfall only increased at rapid pace with every passing time and it was full to the capacity. From dusk to dawn, the crowd just couldn’t stop shaking their legs to electrifying music by 9 best DJs one after the other.

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