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5 Weird Bollywood Songs That Makes You Feel The Writer Was High On Methi

There’s a rising trend of Bollywood movies songs having lyrics that are a little tough for the human minds to compile. Listening to these songs one definitely feels that the song writers were high on methi while they were writing these lyrics. A few somehow hit the right chords and strike chorus with a segment of audience while some face honest brutal reviews from critics.

Interesting part is though these Bollywood songs may sound weird by they are still entertaining. And, you will have a good laugh each time you try to understand what do they mean.
Lets look at 5 most weird Bollywood songs:
1. Jadoo ki jhappi le aa tu abhi: Wish I were such a lucky traveler
2. Dhating Naach; how else do we dance, first I thought its some new dance form like the new popular zumba, salsa etc.
3. Pyar pyar hookah bar: Love was never so eternal, only akki shows us the right path in whole of this industry.
4. Do dhari talwar: How can a girl be do dhari talwar (dual-edged sword)?
5. Teri shirt da main button soniye: The writer was either too desperate or he was too innovative to be close to what we all want to be.
Do share your favorite from the list or any other weird song that you have come across in comments.

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