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‘Chase the Journey not the Crown’ – Lakshmi Seshadri, Mrs. India Universe 2016

Mrs. Lakshmi Seshadri, a mother of two boys and director of an educational company, will be representing India in this years Mrs. UNIVERSE in China, scheduled on 4th day of September.

Earlier, she has been a finalist of Miss India and later got married to settle down in US. Lakshmi is involved with charities like Pratham foundation for education of underprivileged and Parihar NGO that helps domestic violence and child abuse victims.

At 6 ft tall, she is being considered as one of the strongest contender this year with leading polls and popularity.

Mrs. Lakshmi Seshadri in an Exclusive Interview with Team Unkrate, spoke in length about her life post Miss India and marriage, her inspiration behind this come back, her association with charity organisations and many other interesting details.

Excerpts from the interview:

1) You were once the finalist of Miss India. Later you got married and settled down in US. How has life been post that?

It has been a wonderful journey over the past 9 years of being a married woman and a mother to 2 boys. Of course life is very busy with kids, business and all the responsibility that comes along but I am enjoying every bit of it. My life is very structured and revolves around kids and we make time to have loads of fun as family.

2) From when did you start preparing to get back and aim to represent India in this year’s Mrs. Universe?

Last year I decided to compete when my younger son turned one. It was a motivation to get in shape and to refocus on self growth as it is easy to lose yourself with all the responsibilities and procrastinate over being fit.

3) How is the feeling to represent your country on a platform as big as this?

It is absolutely amazing. I never thought I would do this especially after two kids. It feels great to represent amazing women of our country.

4) This is the next big thing for you. How are you preparing for this?

I have been ritually going to the gym and working under a trainer to get rid of even the last bit of post pregnancy weight. Avoiding junk food as much as possible and adapting a high protein low carb diet.

5) You are a true inspiration to millions who have followed her dream inspite of getting married and being mother of two wonderful children. How have you been able to balance your life? How supportive your friends and family have been throughout all these years?

My husband has been my biggest supporter. He always encourages personal growth and motivates me to be the best I can be. I am so blessed to have a husband like him who lets me be me. He is more like best buddy than a husband and I feel for a successful marriage this equation is very important. My In-laws are extremely encouraging as well. They have been so excited about this. My friends have been my cheering squad keeping my spirit going. Really blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life who truly want to see me succeed.

6) How was your experience during Miss India then? Can you talk about the changes then and now be it good or bad.

It was wonderful. It taught me so much and in fact shaped me quite a bit. Unfortunately I wasn’t as focused or prepared  as I am right now.

Being out of country from past 9 years, I haven’t been tracking much of Miss India. Have not heard much of buzz about Indian delegates on international platforms to the level it used to be in early 2000’s. We definitely need to skim through the lot and send strong contenders with the right height, attitude and personality.

8) Who do you think is your nearest competitor in Mrs. Universe?

All girls are gorgeous in their own way. I am competing with myself in this pageant to perform the best I can. My focus is on my personal growth and push myself to be better than I was before.

9) Did you always wanted to be a beauty queen? If not a beauty queen what would you be?

No, absolutely not. In fact I was the most timid, shy, introvert girl you would ever find in the crowd. I would get bullied for being tall and I pretty much would cry to step out of the house. Its the other way around now. I flaunt my height with added heals. Pageant and modelling was a way for me to escape from the shell I had created. I am not afraid of failure what so ever. I just love the opportunity to do better, to explore and to learn from life. Crown is just a piece of metal but the experience is precious and I am after that because I do NOT want to have regrets later in life.

If not beauty queen, I am all that I have wanted to be – a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and volunteer for social cause.

10) You are also involved with few charity organisations and NGOs. Could you talk more about it?

Being a married woman and mother, it is hard to digest that some of the women and children suffer silently with fear from their own family. Having come from a broken family, I am passionate about helping others through the NGOs I am linked to. One such is ‘Parihar’ which is a domestic violence and child abuse helpline. This is to encourage women and children in crisis to reach out for help. A good family system is a core to a better society and so is education. Other organization is ‘Pratham’ charitable foundation which I have been involved in since 8 years. This is an organization that does wonderful job educating under privileged children in India.

11) Lastly, any message to all the aspiring girls who dream of being Miss India/World/Universe or represent their country on any level?

Chase the journey not the crown. Its not about how you look alone as beauty has no standards. Its more to do with your personality attitude and your preparation that has a massive impact. Competition is a great way to bring the best in us so go for it without hesitation and enjoy finding the real you.


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