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Celebrating the beauty of Life

Marriage is the first biggest change in anyone’s life, it is an experience, it is special and is invaluable. Marriage not only brings two people together but it also ties knot between two families. It is bound to create good memories.

Love or arranged, marriage is an institution we believe in and swear by to always be there for each other, always make effort to keep your partner happy. For some, it is a bitter experience, for some an experience of a lifetime. But there is one thing, you need to put in your best effort to keep the relation going.

After marriage, the couples in love are most excited about their anniversary and why not, after all it marks a year of their togetherness, bond and strength. When the occasion is so important, all you want is to surprise and make your partner happy.

When we are talking about anniversary here, I would like to bring in a very interesting anecdote of a very close friend. Ajay and Sunita, the two love birds dated each other for over five years and then finally got married. Time went by in a flash and it was their first anniversary that went by last month. Ajay wanted to make his first anniversary very special for his beloved wife.

He planned for a brief vacation to Goa and celebrate his anniversary. But his planning doesn’t end here. Sunita was pleased but Ajay had planned something really amazing which would make Sunita even happier.

Finally, on the midnight of their wedding anniversary, Ajay closed Sunita’s eyes and handed over a beautiful box with ‘M’ engraved on it. She fluttered her eyes, surprisingly opened the box and was stunned by the gift – a necklace and ear ring set by Malabar Gold & Diamonds. She was not sure how to react but one can could see the joy on her face, it was priceless. Her expression was nothing less than #KareenasAnniversarySurprise advertisement. I am not sure if Ajay’s gift planning was inspired by this ad.

Kareena Kapoor in an advertisement by Malabar Gold and Diamonds. 
Image Credit: @KareenaOnline (Twitter)

You can watch the ad here

Sunita jumped in joy, hugged and kissed her husband for such an amazing and priceless gift. She had never imagined, her first anniversary would be so special and her husband who usually he is quiet, will do something like this for her.

‘Celebrate the beauty of life’ is the mantra of Malabar Gold and Diamonds and that is exactly what Ajay did for Sunita.

So, when you want to gift your wife something beautiful, you can always take some inspiration from my friend Ajay.

*Name changed as per request

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