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‘I only plan on working to best of my ability today and be better of me each day’ – Dimple Mirchandani, Founder of Secret Dresser

Want to dress up Royal with a touch of elegance? Here is the solution for you… ‘Secret Dresser’, a brain child of 26 Years old Dimple Mirchandani, young women entrepreneur & Holistic nutrition expert. This is her debut in e-commerce market.

Dimple Mirchandani in an interview with Suman Prasad, spoke in length about her journey, her inspiration, her entrepreneurial venture and other important details.

About her journey

I am 26 years old, hailing from a Delhi based business family. I graduated in the field of Accounting and Finance from (University of Manchester, UK) , after which I got  International Certification as Nutrition And Health Consultant from Institute For Integrative Nutrition (New York ,USA) & Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Oxford Learning (UK).

Thereon I got on to exploring various other fields and got certification in Astrology, Tarot Reading & Numerology. Recently I was awarded international certification in Yoga training & Certification in Diamonds and Gemology From GIA.

Having said all that, I started working at an early age and gained much insight of business world by working for family business. However, I was always passionate about doing new things that led me to start my own ventures – Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser. Travelling, writing poems, reading, piano , music are my other interests that keep me going .

On her idol/inspiration in life

I get inspired by the wonders of nature around me everyday, Life mesmerizes me to no limit. However, in person, my sole inspiration is MAA, I always say that I am a reflection of all that Maa is. One thing in particular I remember hearing from her everyday from my childhood is that “I will make sure that there is nothing that you can’t learn or do” & “there is always a way, you just gotta find it”. Roots of everything that I do today, definitely come from her.

About Secret Dresser

Secret dresser is a platform for buying and selling pre-owned Luxury products, everything from Premium Indian designer wear like Sabhyasachi, Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor to watches, bags, shoes, jackets by International brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Karen Millen,Ted Baker. The aim is to increase the rotation of products which will ultimately benefit the society and the planet in some way.

Also for the aspirational set of people, they can now buy original luxury at affordable prices. It may act as the means to bridge the gap between the aspirational group and the purchasing power.

The idea sure comes from my own collection, the exquisite Indian outfits that sometimes took months to be made by the best Indian designers, barely worn once with utmost care and some never worn lay hanging in the closet, you got to do something about them, so what’s better than sharing. And as for bags and accessories, similar concept has been prevalent abroad for quite some time and is very much well accepted across the globe.

On how is Secret Dresser different from other e-commerce fashion platforms

On Secret Dresser, anyone can buy and sell through the portal. After proper authentication and evaluation the products are listed on the portal at much discounted prices.

Our mission is to re-define style by making great fashion affordable and accessible to all. However the main Idea is to increase the rotation of the products that will ultimately help save resources of our planet . Also it will help people buy authentic luxurious clothing at a minimal price range saving their money and time on searching for lookalikes of original branded clothes which are hard to find. It may act as a bridge between purchasing power and aspirational group. Most importantly a big portion of profits of all my ventures goes to charity.

Adding value to the customers

Online fashion market is comparatively a new emerging segment and so is pre-owned luxury market. All thanks to the advancement in technology, we are no more restricted to a particular space, city or country  – Ours is a global platform.

However, when it comes to fashion and clothing, e-commerce does not satisfy a person with a proper touch and feel shopping experience. Thus, keeping the traditional brick & mortar concept in mind – we have a special feature “Private Viewing” wherein people can book in a exclusive time slot and come over to see the product before making the purchase, available only in New Delhi as of now and we do plan to expand in those terms and make this feature available in more places.

Our website is cent percent buyer/Seller protected and user-friendly. It helps people buy authentic luxurious clothing at a minimal price range saving their money and time on searching for lookalikes of original branded clothes which are hard to find.

On Quality being top priority

At Secret Dresser anyone can buy and sell through the portal. We have a multi-layered authentication process to ensure originality and quality of the goods, for which we have also partnered with an international authentication company. The sellers can first send us pictures of products they wish to sell , after which the products are collected and undergo processes for validation of quality and originality.The products are retained by us until sold. Only after proper authentication and evaluation the products are listed on the portal at much discounted prices. The payment is then transferred to the sellers account upon selling. For buyers, they can simply shop from the available variety at their convenience in few simple clicks. Our website is cent percent buyer protected and user-friendly.

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