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Peas And Beans Don’t Have Feelings!!

Sanjeev Kumar Sinha

“peas and beans don’t have feelings!!”- said a gr8 friend.
“of course not but it’s because you have already killed the plant….heartlessly despatched it for your own selfish meal!!”- my response was swift.

“what??”- he said.
“yes, you or someone else who killed it for you just pretend that the plant didn’t scream in agony when you killed it, because you don’t want to face the consequences of your cold-blooded plant murder!!”- I said thinking that it might hit at the right place.
“absurd!!”- he said.
“and you know it!!”- I said.
“….then what should I eat? one has to eat to survive!! I always felt pride in being a vegetarian but now it seems that I am as criminal as a nonvegeterian!!”
“you absolutely are because being a vegetarian means you hate plants more than animals!!”
“that’s a strange philosophy!!”
“not that strange, but philosophy yes….may be!!”
“to hell with your philosophy, I won’t eat non-veg!!”
“that’s your ‘choice’, not a compulsion!!”
“what’s the difference?”
“simple….choice can vary and it may be changed!!”
“like Mr. Modi….he was our choice!!”- he smiled and said.
“yes, but most thought him as a compulsion!!”
“no one is a ‘compulsion’ in this world!!”
“yes, the gujrat model of democracy shown today on tv channels highlighted that!!”
“so….let us conclude!!”
“yes….we will eat as per our ‘choice’ but will ‘drink’ the same drink….’compulsion’….you know!!”
“done!!”- he smiled and said.

Published with permission from the author

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