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Transforming India Digitally: Need of Getting the Older Generation in Pace With the Current Youth Generation

By Vidushi Daga

You love your grandchildren but hate the music they listen to. Your grandchildren love you but snicker about some of your old-fashioned ways. There is still a generation gap, but it’s a less divisive gap than it used to be. And that makes the generation gap easier to bridge.

The greatest difference perceived between the generations is the way that they use technology. If you asked whether the world has been improved by technological advances such as cell phones, the Internet, social networking sites and email, the pattern was clear: Those aged 18 to 49 were more likely to respond in the affirmative than those aged 50+.Bridging the economic and developmental divides is in large measure a matter of increasing digital literacy and access for peoples who have been left out of information and communications technology revolutions.

When we talk about digital India a dream perceived by Mr Modi, we can think of complete digitalization. Each and every Indian citizen should be digitally independent for which we need to create a digital infrastructure as a utility to every Indian citizen. This includes providing high-speed internet, mobile phone and bank account enabling participation in digital & financial space, shareable private space on a public cloud, and creating a safe and secure cyber space.

But that’s not enough: It has been observed that people above 45 years are now falling into the trap of the ‘generation gap’ as youngsters are almost intuitively better with technology. I realized this gap when I discovered that my aunt was struggling with her newly-purchased phone. Her frequent queries wouldn’t get solved even after repeatedly requesting her son. The gap in access to digital tools and skills is wide and troubling. This new era poses major challenges to the flow of news and information people depend on to manage their complex lives.

It is a generic observation around, that understanding the need for digitization is a huge problem for all the elders and Children. There seem to be a need for good guidance to deal with the onslaught of exposure to technology. Homemakers are not necessarily trained to teach their kids about the use of technology. Hence, every industry should look at giving an opportunity to learn and help children and senior citizen as this is a major backbone towards digital India Initiative.

Every human being, be it from any age group requires some or the other training when it comes to digitalization. The initiative of Digitalization consists of three core components digital infrastructure, Delivery services digitally and mainly Digital literacy. This can be achieved by educating people and polishing their knowledge, skills, and behaviors while using digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. So, we invented new ways of training them in technology and making them constructive in a simple and fast manner!

With kids – They need to be taught Basic, Challenger & Accelerators! How they can use internet apart from playing games to garner knowledge. Now days there are online lessons through which kids can individually learn multiple activities. They need to be cyber safe online with all the dangerous threats and at the same time be productive & constructive!
Now at the same time with seniors with seniors in order to bridge the digital divide & generation gap by empowering them with current tech scenario they should get customized in learning their Smartphones or Basics of Computers. This will get them to be independent with the growing digitalization and also close to their loved ones.

With Housewives & Women there is this trend in digital media where you can start their own business via digital media. This gives them time to balance their household work as well as leads to a growth in woman entrepreneurship. For this they need to get trained with their online business, optimum utilization of their smartphones, accounting software’s on computers, etc.

Technology is growing and people are getting handicapped due to complications of new ways and methods of dealing with each other in daily life. Like how telecom companies are trying their best to give India a digital growth, they should also focus on getting people digitally literate where they can be well versed with a wide range of digital skills.

We feel proud that we can contribute in order to make our Prime Ministers dream of ‘Digital India’ come true.

The author is an Entrepreneur and the founder of Clone Futura Education 

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