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5 things to do this Diwali if you are away from home

Diwali is not just festival of lights but much more than that. It is a festival of love and togetherness. Diwali processions have continuously had a robust homecoming tradition. This is the time when whole family comes together to celebrate the win over darkness. Sometimes, there are few who are not so lucky to be with their families during this auspicious and lively occasion, thanks to work and education. 

However that does not mean one has to put all the plans on back-burner. You can still celebrate Diwali, though not in as grand a way as back home but still sweet enough to enjoy the day. 

Here are five things that you need to do:
1. Prepare / Decorate home as much as you can
The festival of Diwali brings along with it excitement like never before. Decorating and cleaning the house is the prime ‘kaam’ (activity) back at home. Let’s pair for our temporary homes too this Diwali. Flats or hostels – where you reside, decorate it with flowers, lights, and diyas. Claim the walls of your house and build it your home. Turn the room in to a house, regardless how much you don’t like it. While it cannot make you feel at home but the effort can help you feel like-home. 

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2. Home like food, where all the nostalgia pours in
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3. Spend Time With Friends – Your Family Away From Family
In the event that you have lived alone for quite a while, your companions would have turned out to be pretty much like family now. Far away from home, without any relatives around, no kin or cousins to giggle with, companionship have filled the void allowed in the wake of living to sit unbothered years from family. Who said family is just blood related? Spend as much time with Friends as it will help to avoid the home sick feeling.
4. Shop to Pamper yourself, Shop to Celebrate !
Though we don’t have to exhaust all the salary or bonus on shopping but to pamper yourself is a good idea and feel happy this Diwali. Make the most of the discounts and deals as retail companies put their best foot forward. NearU, a discovery and deals App lets you discover deals in shops around you. You can simply visit the shop and avail it.

5. Let the Music Play !
Silence and Darkness act as catalysts to make you feel more lonely and homesick during Diwali. Ensure you have your favorite playlist ready to play which will last for a day or half.  Neighbors & their relatives chattering can make you nostalgic. Make sure that those chats don’t reach you.

In the end, Diwali being a festival to overcome the evil and spread light of hope, let it empower you to face situations like these in life. Wish you a happy Diwali !

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