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Coffee In Veins – International Coffee Day at Café Noir

Bangalore: Café Noir celebrates its origin with International Coffee Day from October 01 to 09. For this affair, Cafe Noir welcomes coffee from around the world, handcrafted preparations, coffeelicious desserts, and many more Chef’s specials!

International Coffee Day is an affair to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage. Café Noir (translates to Black Coffee), brings this year magic beans from around the world: Ethiopia (light-acidity and exhibits wine-like characteristics), Columbia (deep, complex, and sweet, with a smooth finish), Guatemala (aromatic with acidity and a smooth after taste), and Mexican dec café (nutty, clean and slightly fruity).

That’s not it, the Café will also serve up variations of coffee, coffeelicious desserts, coffee & dessert paired menu, and of course some Chef’s special for each day.

No matter if you fancy espresso, americanos, lattes, affogatos, macchiatos or cappuccinos, instant or filter here is the day to appreciate it all for their magic and blackspell. So, when you sip in your cup of coffee this day, draw in its aroma, taste its dark and robust flavour, appreciate the brewer and most importantly enjoy and moan!

What: Coffee In Veins – International Coffee Day celebration
When: October 01 – 09, 2016
Where: Across all the Café Noir outlets

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