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‘Travels inspire my thoughts and creativity’ – Ashwini Oza, Principal Designer, Arnav

A creative mind with a heart of gold, best describes Ashwini Oza, Principal Designer, Arnav. As a graduate in interior design, she worked under very creative and professional talent in the industry for over a decade, changing spaces and adding life to all.

Ashwini heads the design studio which comprises a team of award winning, in-house designers who are efficient at modifying their design to their clients tastes and requirements. Ashwini supervises the entire process of design, mock up, rough setting & the final manufacture of all the jewellery that is made at ARNAV.

Ashwini Oza in an interview with Suman Prasad, spoke in length about her journey, her design style and inspiration, about the hot trends, her favorite designers and other important aspects of jewellery design and the industry.

Excerpts from the interview.

About her journey and what interested her to start this business

I am a graduate interior designer and worked under very creative and professional minds in the industry for over a decade, changing spaces and adding life to all. Creativity and vision has always been my forte and turning the mundane into something exciting, vibrant and full of life, has been a challenge that I love to take on. I have worked with Colliers Jardine International, effectively handling corporate & office spaces for multinational clients.

Having married into a jewellers family, I realised that my creative skills & thoughts would be best put to use in giving form & life to gemstones and precious metals. This new found platform led me to pursue my study into the field of jewellery design, gemstone understanding, metallurgy and form & style and the history of jewellery in India.

Story behind the brand name ‘Arnav’

ARNAV, my son, and ARNAV, the jewellery studio were born 15 years ago, giving life to my passion with love. ARNAV means boundless, vast, universal and all encompassing, which is all I believe that creativity should be. ARNAV Design Studio is the culmination of boundless creativity in the jewellery form, which believes that every individual is unique and in her own, incomparable to the other.

On her Design Style

We stick to our tagline, “Jewellery made from heart”. We are known as the destination for all who wish to treasure significant moments and have them linked to that piece of art that brings it all together. Although rooted in India’s rich cultural heritage, we infuse new life with design elements that are contemporary and trendy.

Gems, pearls, diamonds, gold and silver have all been woven into designs that challenge the imagination. Each piece is a result of true craftsmanship. Customisation can be incorporated into the existing detail, without breaking the original piece of jewellery, which makes the collection even more special.

We believe that trust, creativity, uniqueness and individuality are the basic tenets of the values & ethos that the jewellery studio rests on, these are the cornerstones that will make ARNAV Design Studio the favorite jeweller for the discerning and educated jewellery connoisseur. There’s a story in every piece.

On her idol/inspiration in life

I draw inspiration from real people around me, for instance my mother for her strength in adversity, from various clients who are achievers in their own right.

On her design inspiration

I am free spirited at heart and an avid traveler, my travels inspire my thoughts and creativity which often gets reflected in my work and jewellery design. Recently I traveled to Seychelles and our latest collection called ‘PENINA Collection’ is inspired from the coral reefs. The Tahitian/South Sea Pearl has an allure that is enchanting and captivates. The years that the Pearl has taken in its journey from a small sand particle to a fully grown ‘nacre coated’ gem, speaks volumes of history to the wearer. The rarity of a fine Tahitian/South Sea Pearl makes it a truly treasured gem in jewellery. The PENINA Collection brings to the wearer an ‘Ocean’ of treasures for her to choose from.

My interest in exploring new places and travelling to different locations nationally & internationally keeps me researching the places, cuisines, attractions and museums. I try to bring in a lot of elements from different part of the world in to the designs. We constantly work on fusing various styles from different cultures thereby continuously making jewellery which is truly international in its appeal, with a Indianess in its heart. ARNAV jewellery distinctly appeals to the International Indian, who today is globally placed.

On the ongoing and upcoming trends in jewellery design industry

We are seeing jewellery being made in wood, steel and titanium being the new age materials. The improved manufacturing process are encouraging designers to experiment with various versatile materials, also due to the acceptances of these materials being popular among the youngsters they seem to becoming popular. The usage of 3D printing is changing the way designers have been visualising & conceiving design, thereby the limitations of Silver & Gold are being overcome by these new age materials.

On her favorite designers

Amongst the Indian designers, I love Anamikha Khanna for her designs sensibilities, Payal Khandwala for her quirky designs and Ritu Kumar for her timeless elegance.

On her favorite piece ever created and what makes it so special

We recently converted a ‘Antique Waist Belt’ to a lovely Necklace & Earrings. The belt was carefully remodeled to preserve the artistic work and beauty, by adding elements of Gold & Gemstones, with a design blending and complementing the original design. The jewellery was made to suit the wearers personality, without disturbing her grandmother’s sentiments of the waist belt.

On her style statement

Understated and Elegant, is been my mantra.

On different parameters for hiring designers for Arnav

At the design studio we have a team of award winning in-house designers who are capable of suiting their design to most of all clients tastes & requirements, thereby fulfilling the jewellery requirements. These team of designers are proficient in design & quality check profiles. They supervise the entire process of design, mock up, rough setting & final manufacturing of all the jewellery that is made at ARNAV. This process of design suits the client’s requirement of jewellery who have the time, patience and the mindset to be unique in style. We always look for people who are passionate and love what they do.

Tips on matching the right jewellery with right attire

I strongly believe in ‘Mix & Match’ as a style concept. Theme a jumpsuit along with an antique silver waits belt, or wear a gold choker along with a black sheath dress.

Message to the budding and amateur designers who wants to make it big in this industry

Always think about your client in mind. The way they are, their tastes, likes and dislikes. It helps you to design as per their requirements. Study the subject in depth, as it helps you understand yourself and the one single element that appeals to you, that you want to place your skills on. A distinct style & signature has to emanate based on your personality, which then becomes an identifiable factor to your clientele. Take your time in building your skill set, have patience as things can go dull and boring for long periods of time. Continuously keep at promoting your jewellery line, showcasing it to people at various occasions, till it becomes a personality trait. Have a long-term view on building your career as a jewellery designer.

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