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When Bangalore goes high for a coffee

Talk about Bangalore and you start to relate it with its awesome weather and the watering holes it houses. Over the years, the café culture has cake-walked into the lives of its people and is almost synonymous with the Garden City. I often wonder if the founders of the massive Café chain, Café coffee day was aware of the revolution he was bringing about when he opened the first outlet at Brigade road. He certainly wouldn’t have dreamt that in the next decade or so, there would cafés around almost every corner of Bangalore. Following the success story of the CCD, a good number of brands like the Barista, Costa Café, Gloria Beans and the international Coffee giant Starbucks have tried to gain a foothold here.




From the Garden city, to the city of pubs and parties, the city lives up to the expectations of the people who love night life. But not all Bangaloreans subscribe to this noisy nightlife and would rather prefer delicious food along with charming, soothing, well cultured ambience.However, there is a new trend in the Café segment called “art cafes” that is revolutionizing the idea of ‘culture over coffee’, and guess what? The city is loving it!
A list of great café’s u must try include the Leanin tree art café, DYU art café, ATTA GALATA, Om Made café, Claytopia, Courtyard café, Hole in the wall, Café max, Café 42, Art blend café and many more which are spread across the CBD of Bangalore.
I had to visit all these cafés without any doubt but I also wanted some inspiration for my writing. So I took the opportunity and decided to visit each of these peaceful café’s when time permitted to write a little something for myself when I am there, a way of soul searching. Too bad I haven’t gotten much far with this idea of mine but I am surely working on it.
Here are a few pictures from DYU art café. I also took a visit to Leaning Tree Art cafe and Hole in the Wall, but I left my camera back at home. Lesson learnt, always carry your camera. New updates with new pictures on a different place coming soon. 

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