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The Bodycraft Review: For Men

Breaking stereotypes is what we love and hence to bust the myth we decided to take up the Boodycraft review that we were offered.

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Facials, spas, pedicures, manicures are often and unfortunately only associated with the feminine gender and looked down upon when the men do it. It is only during one’s wedding or a big function where you would see us take the beauty treatment without guilt.
Men need these treatments too, if not as often as women, once or twice a month to keep their skins fresh, hydrated and soft. The amount of pollution that we are exposed to and the constant shaving, after shaves etc. slowly deteriorate our skins, sometimes beyond repair.
Bodycraft Spa & Salon has been a culmination of experience & expertise, enjoying the patronage of a very satisfied & discerning clientele over the last two decades.
Led by Mrs. Manjul Gupta and Mrs. Swati Gupta, two of the top leading Beauty Professionals in Bangalore, the history of Bodycraft stretches back to the time when the beauty industry in India was watching its inception
Started out of a small room in 1997, the brand’s growth has been phenomenal and its currently boasts of 7 outlets, 3 clinics equipped with the state of art facilities, 500+ beauty experts and over 1 lakh+ happy customers.
Within the luxurious and upmarket interiors, their teams of trained & experienced professionals pamper you with the latest and the best in the field of hair care, skin care, personal grooming, clinical care and spa & wellness.
I was offered a Facial treatment called the White Secrets Facial which is for de-pigmentation and skin lightening facial for all types of skins. The facial lasted for close to 2 hours with different creams, de-tans applied and removed along with a special protein pack to help me get rid of acne.

I usually stay away from any kind of treatments for my face as my skin is extremely sensitive and immediately have acne breakouts. However, I can vouch for this one, because I haven’t had an acne breakout since then. Which I usually do after any kind of facial treatments and the guys there took extreme care to make sure it suits my skin.

I have no expertise in judging how it is done, probably my friends in the fashion industry can help me out. Personally, I felt refreshed, light and had baby soft skin. It is said that the glow after a facial is usually seen the day after it is done. I had my wife and a few colleagues say that I looked much better and my dark circles reduced.

The masseuse mentioned that one must usually come with about 4 hours in hand to have a full relaxing session either for a spa treatment or facial.

Next I was treated with a very informative and stylish haircut by a stylist called Abhor. He took me through simple hair care tips and how I can continue to take care of my hair outside Bodycraft too by using specific Bodycraft products.

The Spa/ Facial treatments aren’t heavy on your pockets and one can choose from various packages they have to offer.

You can visit their website here:

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