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‘Every woman is responsible for success of the other women – be it your daughter or daughter-in-law’ – Parul Mehta, Co-founder, Motif

This interview is part of the series for International Women’s Day.

Parul Mehta co-founded Motif in Aug. 2000 after raising $4 million from Blue Chip, Wall Street and Silicon Valley Venture capitalists. She has 24 + years of experience in the IT and services industry and her extensive international experience has helped Motif develop robust operations processes, achieve significant milestones for clients in terms of service delivery and scale the organization. She established Motif as India’s premier Business Outsourcing Company with delivery centers in 3 countries and an employee strength of 1500 people.

Parul Mehta, Co-founder, Motif

Parul Mehta in an interview with Suman Prasad spoke about the challenges and learnings from her wonderful journey, about promoting women talent in the industry, women entrepreneurs, how to curb sexual harrasment and other interesting details.

Excerpt from the interview.

On the key challenges and learnings from the journey of life

You have to love what you do, don’t stop learning, take every opportunity to learn new things. I had great support from my family due to which I was able to have a career, it is fine to take help from others when needed. Support others so they too become successful.

On promoting more women talent in the industry

Every woman is responsible for success of the other women – be it your daughter or daughter-in-law. Create an environment in your organization which enables women to continue working even after they are married or have children.

On keeping oneself motivated at work

I love what I do and that keeps me motivated. My team is my biggest strength and motivating factor.

On women being reluctant to take the first step towards entrepreneurship even today

Women lack confidence. They are still not independent in their thinking and are afraid to make a mistake.

On how receptive the industry is to women entrepreneurs when it comes to funding

These days investors are open to invest in a company founded by a woman if they feel it is worth doing so. However, the number of women entrepreneurs are still just a handful.

On industries where women can enter as innovators and game changers

There is no limit. They can be game changers in any industry.

On skills to be a good leader

Integrity and passion are the two most important skills that are needed in a person to be a good leader.

On rising cases of sexual harassment at workplaces and if a woman on top can curb these

This can be curbed by any responsible person, why just women? People need to understand the difference between right and wrong. And then have the courage to stand up for what is right!

On whether it is important to have an International Women’s Day

I do not believe in celebrating International Women’s Day because by doing so we are actually making the divide between the two genders even bigger. Women need to be respected and given equal rights. I believe in equality for both genders.

Tips for women who want to be a start their own business

Have confidence in yourself. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them. Be persistent and success will be yours.

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