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‘In today’s time Indian women are equally if not more capable of single handily running an enterprise’ – Dr. Glossy Sabharwal, Consultant Radiologist at Apollo Spectra Hospitals

This interview is part of the series for International Women’s Day.

When you set out to do something noble, never look back. Never get bogged down by naysayers because on the road to spread happiness, you shall find a lot of setbacks. Speaking to Prateek Thakker, Dr. Glossy Sabharwal, the force behind the country’s first ever for Women, by Women diagnostic center at Apollo Spectra Hospitals called WISH (Women Imaging Specialists in Healthcare) describes how it was only imperative to start a diagnostic centre where the women would feel comfortable to discuss their problems.

Dr. Glossy Sabharwal, Consultant Radiologist at Apollo Spectra Hospitals 
Excerpts from the interview.

What is the WISH? What was the driving force behind this initiative?
WISH (Women Imaging Specialists in Healthcare) was a dream project for me. When I was in Spain presenting a paper on fetal anomaly scans at the International Fetal Medicine conference I realized the need for a women only diagnostic center in India. Having that in mind I choose my field very carefully. I went on to do a fellowship under Dr. Luc Rottenberg in Paris, France where I was exposed to a plethora of techniques in women diagnosis and intervention. When I was fully confident and qualified, I came back to India and WISH was born. Now, we routinely practice Interventions like Breast Biopsy’s and specialized fetal scans amongst other things at WISH
Starting the country’s only for Women by Women centre means a lot of hard work. How did you keep the men out?
Men, well they are not all out. At the back end I have my father in law, Dr. Vinay Sabharwal and my husband Dr. Ankush Sabharwal always as a support. However, I feel that in today’s time women of India are equally if not more capable of single handily running an enterprise. Just recently, the Indian army and the Air force have started inducting Women cadets and pilots. Yesterday itself, Air India made a record of flying with an all Women crew. I am sure if these girls can then fly high in the air then why not us in this noble profession.
How do you keep yourself and your team motivated at work? 
Motivation, I believe is a function of passion. And we at WISH are really passionate about our work. We conduct regular fellowships and camps. We never refuse a patient for financial reasons. Even if a service has be done free we do it. It’s just the way we have always practiced medicine.
Why is it that even today we see women being reluctant to take the first step towards entrepreneurship?
I guess times are changing. Even if the pace is slow, if you see the past 100 years there has been a paradigm shift in the way society looks at women. Be it sports, Olympics, Business, Actors, Beauty pageants, Politics, Women are getting there. Business entrepreneurship has not been able to get that much attention but I feel with new generation coming is things are hopeful for the women of India. Government, also has to play a big support by providing better loans and making money a little more accessible to women.
When it comes to funding, how receptive do you think the industry is to women entrepreneurs? 
I feel a lot more can be done for this. The government in the past has always been pro-funding small businesses and startups. That said, I feel mine should be a little cheaper than what it is in this country.
What are the industries you think you would like to see women entering into as innovators, game changers?
Healthcare, F&B, Retail, Beauty
What skills do you think are important to be a good leader?
Passion, Being Humble, perseverance, focus while also having empathy
Sexual harassment at workplaces are coming in light in some of the best companies around the world. Do you think with a woman on top these can be curbed?  
Dealing with Sexual harassment has always been a topic of discussion. I feel a strong HR policy and a little support from TOP leaders can help. 
Do you think it’s important to have an International Women’s Day?
Of course, it should be celebrated in a larger way. We all need a push. Motivation is what this is.
What are your tips for women who want to be a social entrepreneur just like you?
I guess look for the long term benefits, do not aim at earning a quick buck, and stay focused.

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