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‘My venture is more to help senior citizens be independent at the age they never thought they could’ – Bhavi Jhaveri, Founder, Nanee’s Flavours

Bhavi Jhaveri founded Nanee’s Flavours with an aim to empower senior citizens. Nanee’s Flavours basically compiles Bhavi’s grandmother’s​ recipes along with those of other senior citizens who have preserved their traditional, exclusive recipes of mouth fresheners, flavoured dry fruits, syrups and farsans.

Nanee’s Flavours has a healthy variety of homespun delicacies ranging from mouth fresheners, to spices and even joint relief oils. Some of their products are Jowar Puff, Nachni Puff, Wheat Puff, Krunchy Puff etc. They also have various healthy products like Caramel Dates, Dry Fruit Crunch, Herbal Supari and many more.

The growth of Nanee’s Flavours is collective, Bhavi, the strong centered bark hopes that she can spread out and reach as many Nanees as she can, to help them achieve their dream and save this dying art of home-made curated products.

Bhavi Jhaveri
Founder, Nanee’s Flavours

Bhavi Jhaveri in an interview with Prateek Thakker spoke in length about her wonderful venture, involving and interacting with Naanis, building the team, women entrepreneurship and other interesting details.

Excerpts from the interview.

About her wonderful venture for senior citizens
This venture is more to help senior citizens be independent at the age they never thought they could. We have 4 Nanee’s on board and by end of this year we are hoping we will have atleast 4 more. They have this amazing talent in them which Nanee’s Flavours is bringing out in the market.

On receiving some entrepreneurial tips from the Naanis
These Nani’s may not have worked in the corporate world etc but running a house equals to running a business. But they know exa​c​tly what kind of raw material to chose (without comprising on quality) and save cost, they do their innovation in products and share with me. I understand the current market and we together brain storm and see what will work next. Their minds are constantly ticking with ideas and mine with marketing​ and​ packaging ideas; together its a full team work.

On time taken to build the customer base
Individually these Nani’s have their own database from the past; we have expanded the database through participation in exhibitions,social media​,​ etc.​ ​Word of Mouth is our main key to our database.

On keeping the team motivated at work
These nani’s have seen so much in their past that they are always motivated. Infact I learn and get motivated by them. Our constant ideation keeps us all motivated.

On women being reluctant to take the first step towards entrepreneurship even today
There are ​multiple aspects to it​-​ ​responsibility to run a house, run an office​.​W​omen are most often not risk takers​, ​they like to play safe.​ Also,​ financial burden is something not all can take easily.

On how receptive the industry is to women entrepreneurs when it comes to funding
In today’s time initial funding has to be yours and then if there is potential​, the​ industry is there for you. Also​,​ ​the ​Government has now availed small funds for women entrepreneurs so sometimes it could be helpful to start.

On rising cases of sexual harassment at workplaces and if a woman on top can curb these
Yes​,​ ​I​ am sure it can ​be ​curbed. Being a ​w​oman​,​ if my employee is harassed​,​ I will make sure ​I​ get her justice.

Tips for women who want to be a social entrepreneur
Go ahead and live it; don’t get hassled, STAY CALM and FOCUSED. Focus is the ability to devote our full attention and concentration to a person or process. Focus lends clarity and direction to our day to day activities. It lets us maximize our progress and productivity by directing our energies toward one priority at a time. By honing our focus we can reach new levels of insight, knowledge and quality.

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