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Fun comes closer to Bengaluru with IONA – Fun Ka Boss

Weekends are usually days when we set out with family and friends to experience something new! New food, movies, music or any other thing that gives you a break from the monotony. A trip to the mall usually ends up with unwanted expenses. Weekdays though are reserved for offices and one hardly has any time to venture out. But on days when you do have a team outing planned, discussions and debates to choose one location can give Arnab a run for his money.

Bangalore has always had this void. Chennai has the beach, Mysore has the palace, Mumbai has Chowpaty and Delhi has well, the food and shopping. To bring an end to this misery, what if I told you that you just have to travel until Whitefield? Why? Because there is something that is a multi-sensory, experiential entertainment centre which offers visitors limitless ways to have fun, socialise, bond with family or colleagues and enjoy the great range of food and drinks to match.
Presenting IONA, Bengaluru’s newest attraction. Located in the recently inaugurated Virginia Mall on Whitefield Main Road has this small little secret hidden in it called IONA. What is IONA you may want to ask? IONA is India’s first ever clip and climb zone that features an indoor rock climbing and rappelling zone fully equipped to make sure whether you are with friends, family or with office buddies, you never fall short of the fun quotient.

Launching this multi-storey entertainment centre is the “Universe Boss” of RCB, the one who believes in having fun on the field and off the field. Chris Gayle!  
IONA, has something for everyone. From 15-40, whichever age group you belong to, you have a zone for it. Be it a 7D cinematic experience, or sports simulators for F1, cricket, football enthusiasts, or kiddy zones with pac-man, Minion whacker, the all time favourite Fruit ninja. You have it all.
Test your agility and finesse over on the Speed of Light, one of the most popular games internationally and again an Indian first. In this fantastic new and very unique game, players must move like the “speed of light! It’s a new physical skill and agility exercise gaming zone, where, the faster players are, the more they win!
If you and your gang are selfie fanatics, take your selfie game to the next level with the Iona Museum of Selfies. The museum has everything and more to allow you and the family to take great, long lasting memories of your day at Iona and will make for a crazy experience.
Iona Centre is the perfect hang out for young people to meet up and socialise in Bangalore’s coolest new zone for new experiences. Spend the day trying out new experiences in the first of its kind across India at IONA, Virginia Mall, Whitefield Main Road.
The IONA centre opens on the 11th of May at the Virginia mall, Whitefield. Do not miss this one I say!

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