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The 3M car shampoo review

Personification of an object dear to us is common in our daily lives. A car is not a car to many of us. It is life, some call it their life. Taking care of it maintaining its looks, getting it polished, cleaned regularly apart from getting it serviced on time to avoid any engine damage.

It must be noted that while we ensure that the car gets the best, always, we often forget that the best is only found and delivered when we have professional service. What happens when the car is at home? On just a normal day? Why must it not get the best then too?

A car is normally washed once a week. It is a task that we indulge in either ourselves or have someone do it week after week. During this, we often just wash it off with plain water or a shampoo that we use for ourselves. Forgetting that, that shampoo shines our hair. It cannot help the car. You cannot be treating your car that way if it means so much to you. For this reason, you have products that ensure your vehicle gets what it deserves. From polish to shiner to shampoo. 3M’s range of car products help you prevent damage of your car’s interiors or exteriors.

We were sent the 3M car shampoo for review to try and test if it actually makes a difference. Luckily I received it over the weekend that allowed me to personally check out the difference. I had just returned from a road trip and my car was indeed dirty. From what I have read from the website, I observed and can confirm that compared to the normal detergents, the 3M Cars Wash Shampoo generated high amount of foam even in hard water, as compared to other products. It is pH balanced formulation safe on paints and hence minimal or no wax/ protective coating removal from the paint surface. 3M shampoo enhances the gloss level. 

The quantity that I required to wash my dirty car on any normal given day would have been a good half bottle of a shampoo, but with this, I had to use very little thanks to its foaming. After the clean up, there was considerable amount of shine that had been lost due to regular detergent use. Plus, I did not have to use buckets and buckets to get the shampoo out. It gets washed off easily and did not leave any white streaks of soap. 

Overall, I was pretty chuffed about the product and would recommend you buy it for your baby! The
shampoo is priced at MRP Rs. 223/- for 250 ml; MRP Rs. 396/- for 500ml and  1 Ltr  for R s. 631/-, 
3M’s Car Care Solutions are of global standards and approved by leading automotive OEMS in India. One can find this product easily in all major accessories stores, car paint stores, select Super Markets & Online portals.

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