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The Kosmoderma Experience

Prateek Thakker
Why is it that we seldom see any beauty treatments being advertised for men? Is it the price we pay to be tough or is it just that we don’t really care about our skin hence people don’t care? In the last few years, we have seen a major influx of oils and creams and face washes for the men but do they really make a difference? It is often said that when you rebrand a product that is used by women to “for men” only, it sells faster. However, today we are not getting into that debate.
A few weeks ago, we were invited to try out something very unusual. A total skin care treatment and beauty treatment for us. Like you know, Unkrate is run by 3 men who care about their food, but skin? We asked why!
Kosmoderma, a premium skin care clinic run by Dr. Chytra promises to be the one stop solution to all your skin related ailments. It is completely safe and has some of the doctors focusing on dermatology for you.
The treatment we were recommended was called the “Celebrity Photofacial”- a combination of clinical safe chemical treatment and laser light treatment. Like the nomenclature, it is a premium treatment to get celebrity type of a glowing skin with clinical intervention. Before the start, I was taken to meet my doctor who took me through my skin ailments and suggested treatments that suited it. Apart from that, I was also educated on the care that I must take.
Moving on, 3D projection mapping of my face was taken to keep a record of how my skin fared earlier for my follow up sessions as and when I visited the clinic. From there on, I was taken to a massage room where my masseuse began with the treatment. Starting with moisturizing my skin to cleaning the minutest of the pores through a water & oxygen jet, to chemically treating my acne and finishing off with a radiating face mask, the procedure lasted for about 100 minutes. Tips before you go for any skin treatment, make sure you are accustomed to bleach pricking on your face or you are prepared for it. It can get irritating and you may end up itching, thereby spoiling it.
Post the chemical treatment, I noticed there was a significant fairness and reduction of tan on my face considering the last time I got a facial done was when I visited another salon for a review, about a year ago. I was then taken to the laser treatment room where my doctor took over. Most often people believe that laser treatments are for hair removal, etc, but there are treatments where laser is used to get rid of pigmentation on your skin. This laser treatment did just that. For about 20 minutes my doctor focused on pigments on my face. Again, please note that it can be a little painful and redness on your face is normal.
It has been three weeks now post the treatment, and I have had a dozen people who know me, come and say that there is a change on my face it looks much brighter. I think that is the best review for the treatment when people notice it and not only you. Make sure if you go for this treatment, you get follow up treatments done atleast once a month or once every two months.
Prateek Thakker: Post Treatment picture
You can also read our interview with Dr.Chytra here.

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