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HackerEarth partners with Monstar-Lab to improve Technology Recruitment in China

HackerEarth, a leader in innovation and talent management software, today announced its strategic partnership with Monstar-Lab Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd, a consumer and enterprise mobile app development company in China. As part of the partnership, Monstar-Labs will expand its services in the space of technical recruitment by reselling HackerEarth products, Recruit and Sprint.

Speaking on the partnership, Sachin Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, HackerEarth said “HackerEarth has grown strongly over the last 4 years. We have worked with hundreds of customers, and have been able to help them significantly improve their technical recruiting process. We believe there is a huge opportunity in China and that we can create a massive impact by helping skilled software engineers connect with some of the most innovative companies. Monstar-Lab is the perfect partner for us to take our products to China as they have been part of the ecosystem for long and understand it well. We are quite excited about this partnership and look forward to strong business growth in China.”

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China’s digital economy is likely to create 415 million jobs by 2035, according to forecasts by the Boston Consulting Group and Ali Research Institute. And as in any country, China faces challenges when it comes to technology recruitment. Most of the companies still follow the traditional way of hiring that involves sifting through resumes manually. This adds up on cost and time for most of them as they end up spending almost one month to select one candidate. Even after spending much time and resources the companies do face the risk of the candidate’s skill sets not matching the requirement. HackerEarth will help resolve all these issues not only by accelerating the technical hiring process, but also by improving the quality of candidates for employers, and providing a way for candidates to gain competitive edge during their career search journey.

Roger Lakhani, Global Head of Investments and Partnerships, Monstar-Lab said “With strong government-led initiatives and rapid innovation across the IT sector, IT continues to be a strong driving force within the China economy. We are excited to be able to work with HackerEarth to bring their platform to China, and thereby helping software engineers in China build up critical skills, helping IT departments in companies with talent assessment, and helping leading IT companies to leverage HackerEarth’s unique hackathon platform to foster innovation and talent build-up across their teams.”

Monstar-Lab’s partnership with HackerEarth will help companies resolve many of the challenges involved with hiring tech talent. Companies can screen and qualify candidates across 35 different programming languages that includes Swift, Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C / C ++, etc. and also automatically evaluate logical thinking, running speed, memory usage, and quality of a candidate’s programming code. For employers with less technical acumen, HackerEarth’s pre-built library of more than 20,000 technical and non-technical questions simplifies the process of creating tests, generating efficiency for hiring managers and adding confidence in the recruiting process. These questions are in various topics, ranging from software engineering, computer science, machine learning, AI, programming, to front-end development. Additionally, through Sprint, companies can also host their own in-person or virtual hackathon  to achieve a variety of outcomes including sparking innovation within a company, building viable products, expanding employment branding to new tech professionals and qualifying top tech talent for potential future hire.

HackerEarth has raised a total of USD 5 million  till date from DICE Holdings, BEENEXT, BEENOS,  Digital Garage, BizReach, and Prime Venture Partners.

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