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The Perfect Couple Retreat – The Serai Experience

The great artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” 
I truly believe that travel is nothing short of art. An art that you can master early on and make the best out of it. Every travel brings to us a new set of challenges and opportunities that open doors to newer abyss. Why do we feel a sense of incompleteness when we return from our travels? What is it that holds us back? 

This is not something that you feel everytime. It happens to us at places that become close to our hearts. We recently travelled to such a place where we left our hearts behind. Situated in the midst of the jungles of Bandipur, near Mysore, a quaint getaway that promises you not only relaxation but also adventure and thrill. Coming from the stable of the extremely popular chain of resorts, The Serai, known often for its Chikmagalur property, has an equally enchanting property in  Bandipur. 
We were invited to visit and experience the property in association with Skreem, one of India’s fastest growing influencer platforms. It was god sent for I had my 2nd wedding anniversary around the corner and gave me an opportunity to celebrate it in style. 
Date night thanks to Serai
Arriving on 4th September, we checked in by noon after being briefed in detail about the property, the activities and facilities available around. The room that we were staying in was called the Moutain View Courtyard that consists of a little garden in front, private open air sit out, a bedroom, a private verandah and an attached bathroom. The property spread over 36 acres consists of 24 rooms with various other facilities. Of the 36 acres, the resort is built over 18 and the rest 18 remains as an unbuilt jungle, left pristine as it is for the guests to enjoy a walk around the jungle.
Mr Kuttappan taking us through the Nature walk- seen here with the antlers of a stag
The Stay:
While we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights, which is the perfect duration for anyone planning to visit, for us as a couple, the resort made sure our anniversary would remain etched in our minds forever. I would personally like to thank the staff for their efforts to make us feel special. 
Across the 3 days that we spent, we indulged in numerous activities to not only revitalize but also enjoy the scenic beauty around. Imagine waking up to the cloud covered mountains of the Nilgiri range, hearing to the rants of the elephants and spotting the ever elusive, Tiger! All that came to my mind the first time we spotted it was William Blake’s famous poem- Tiger Tiger burning bright!. Apart from the best jungle safari ever, we were also treated to some lip-smacking food at their signature restaurant- Sanctuary and not to forget the Barbeque over bonfire.
Day 2 was also packed with a visit to the Oma Spa, to be treated with the Aroma massage therapy that relaxed our senses to truly bring in the sense of calm. 
The property also houses some premium rooms called the Residences that also open up to the mountains. The Residence consists of a vast living room cum bedroom with separate bathing and dressing area, an additional outdoor bathing area, a private sit out and a gazebo on the terrace with a spectacular view of the Nilgiri range. The next time I am there, I think I know where I would stay. 
In the end, all that remains with you are the memories that you create. Along with the group of bloggers, now good friends, we ended up making memories that we can cherish for long. How else would you describe a place where you left your heart behind, yearning to go back? 

Catch the glimpse of our journey in this short video here

Memoirs of the trip below:

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