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Think Bekal, Think Lalit

Synonymous to greenery, beach and backwaters, Bekal is a haven for the travelers looking for a relaxing vacation far from their loud and fast-paced lives (just what I wanted). At the start of 2019, I had promised myself to travel to places I have not been to before. Even though it took me two months to take the first trip of the year, it was all worth the wait.
The Lalit Resort & Spa
Tying back to the agenda of a relaxed vacation in Bekal, we zeroed in on The Lalit Resort & Spa, tucked away in the heart of Kerala’s breathtaking natural beauty. It turned out to be the perfect playground for the leisure-hunting traveler like me. Spread across 26 acres of lush, formally landscaped gardens, oozing elegance and sophistication, it is surrounded by river Nombili on three sides in the lap of the Arabian Sea and a lagoon overlooking a pristine white sandy beach.
This ultimate spa destination beautifully amalgamates the best of outdoors with luxuriously comfortable accommodation and facilities. The resort features 39 rooms and suites including a Kettuvallom (houseboat).
Private Jacuzzi
All of the suites here features a private Jacuzzi. This was undoubtedly one of the highlights of our stay at The Lalit. Unlike any other Jacuzzi, you may have seen at other properties, this is unique with different shape and texture. Owing to the size of this Jacuzzi, it is recommended to start filling the water at least 90 mins before you decide to get in and relax.
The award-winning Spa, ‘Rejuve’ superbly complements the idea of wellness. One can indulge in the soothing synergy of their most recognized and authentic spa therapies with a balanced spa diet! From traditional Ayurvedic to Western massages it is a haven for all and features their own freshly pressed coconut oil. Recreation and relaxation, wellness and natural wonder come together in this stunningly serene location.
From the range of spa options, we chose their signature Bekal massage for 60 mins, an experience we cannot forget. Those 60 mins were a testament to multiple awards they have received in the past; those 60 mins were pure magic helping your body to loosen up, muscles to relax and a night of peaceful sleep in a long time.
They serve what they grow
The secret of the scrumptious food at The Lalit Resort & Spa Bekal is the freshness of the ingredients, handpicked from its own vegetable gardens. One can savor authentic traditional delicacies to globally popular choices at Nombili, the multi-cuisine restaurant. Tropical cocktails to single malts to full-bodied wines; Nombili Bar transfers you to tranquil evenings.
Private Beach
Imagine, one of the most astonishing sunsets of your life at a serene beach – all this view to yourself, minus any crowd. Yes, you read that right. The Lalit Resorts & Spa has a private beach for the people staying at the resort. Though you will have a buggy just a call away, the 5-10 minutes’ walk through the greenery and backwater is not to be missed.
Recreational facilities and sports
The resort houses a swimming pool, a fully operational gym, a relaxation room with access to varieties of books, a yoga room and indoor sports like snooker, table tennis, carom and chess.
River adventure
Get an adrenaline rush as you enjoy kayaking or rafting in river Nombili or discover the secrets of tropical rain forests while you trek and be a part of nature while you savor this life-enhancing experience.
Inclusivity at Lalit
Being inclusive is the need of the hour and The Lalit leads by an example. With a message of #PureLove, they welcome everyone without any discrimination based on gender, sexual preferences, religion and physical abilities.

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