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3M car care working towards improving your car experience

Cars play an important role in our lives and hence we maintain it in every way possible. We as owners are able to take care of our cars to a large extent although there are many things that are not under our control and hence we look forward to good car care stores that can help us keep our cars as good as new.
Skilled Labour and good service are the main requirements we look forward to, in a car care store, but have you ever thought about what actually makes one car care store different from the other?
 I would say the experience that the car owner is given. This is exactly what 3M car care stores do, they make you go through an experience. They make it more than just “ car servicing” for you!
It is not just your regular car wash, changing of oil and servicing your car, 3M car care makes sure that you know what is being done to your car how it can be improved and what services they provide exclusively.
3M car care stores provide innumerous exclusive services which can improve your car experience. The ones I experience personally, a few days back, when I needed my car serviced, are Dry wash ,Paint protection film, Acoustic solutions  and Car wraps. I usually give my car away when I am out of town for servicing and take it back when I return home. However this time, I was waiting for my wife, as she finished some work in Kormangala. I happened to take my car for a quick wash and what I experienced there, changed my perception towards car care.
What I was offered instead of a regular wash, was the special dry wash and I was told that I would help in saving upto 150 litres of water. The inquisitive person that I am, I really wanted to know how this works so I decided to go for it.
Dry wash is done using a special solution and less than 1 litre of water, which gives your car the shine you desire while saving 99% of water. To clean the car, 3M uses microfiber cloth which is used to make sure that no scratches appear on the body and the car looks as good as new. While my car was being cleaned, the franchise owner took me around and showed me a few other things they offer:
Paint protection film – Our cars are vulnerable to scratches, especially in a city like Bangalore where the roads are dominated by two wheelers who try to sneak in front and cause some damage to the car, but an apology is all the car owners get. Also, in highways at high speed we do not realize the damage small particles cause to the body of cars, well you need not worry about this anymore as the paint protection film used by 3M makes sure that the body of your car is always protected and is scratch free at all times. The damaged part can be easily removed and only that part can be redone which helps the customer in saving money.
Acoustic Solutions – I wish I could just sit at home and blog all day but unfortunately my office does not allow me to do so. I have to travel for more than an hour in the heavy traffic in my car and this is the only time I get to be in peace and not think about anything. But, the heavy traffic, continuous honking and the noise on roads do not give me peace even during that one hour. 3M’s acoustic solutions are the perfect remedy to my problem. The acoustic solutions include 3M absorbers, 3M vibration controlling dampening tape which are placed in different parts of the car to reduce the noise from outside. The acoustic solutions reduce noise in varying engine speeds and in challenging weather conditions. 3M acoustic solutions help you in having a quieter, lighter and peaceful drive.
Car Wraps – After a few years of owning a car most of us feel that the car is losing its aesthetic value, we feel like the color we’ve chosen could have been different and would want to make changes. These changes can be done at the 3M car care store using the 3M wrap film service. The films are engineered in such a way that it can be used on any curve and surface of the car. It is available in carbon fiber, matte and gloss finishes. These wraps are easy to remove and do not cause any damage to the original color of the car. There are almost 100 shades from which the customer can chose to revamp their car. Most of these shades can be done in a span of 4-7 days apart from a few exclusive ones which take a little more time.
I may have walked in for just a car wash but I could feel how good their services will be just by the way the store owner and 3M team, took the time out to explain the innovation[ and technology which goes behind services, which may seem ordinary, but are definitely anything but that. I am taking my car for a matte finish wrap next month, you should hurry too!

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