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Poker in India – could become a shark?

Poker has gained visible popularity in the recent times. Blue elegant round-tables, poker faces, the smell of ‘em chips and a lot of money attracts a lot of common and celebrity alike figures every day. is a globally popular online poker platform with a huge selection of games and tournaments, where action is always up in the air. You could play for real or, play money and quench the poker fantasies you always had.
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They offer the biggest weekly online poker tournament – the Sunday Million – plus the annual World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). Go check them out!
In a recent series of events, we were fortunate to catch up with one of top poker players of the world, Aditya Agarwal. A closed table session with the who’s who of the Bangalore Bloggers scence, where Aditya taught how to read that poker face. Play tight and choose the right moves with right set of cards.
He stated how he wants to use his role as ambassador as a way of promoting poker in India, helping to establish the game as a professional sport across the country, and to inspire the next generation of players.
Aditya is a member of Team PokerStars Pro, and when he isn’t spreading his love of poker at the cash game tables and local tourneys in India, you can find him playing online under the screen name ‘Adi Agarwal’.
Truly a ‘game of skill’ and like every other field. Poker is massive in its own way. Here’s our buck – If you are an amateur player, just don’t try to lose all your money in the first few rounds.
Stay tuned for more on PokerStars!

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