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Heard of Foosebal? Now get to play Bossaball, a uniquely acrobatic and energetic team game in India

A uniquely acrobatic and energetic team game, Bossaball – brainchild of Filip Eyckmans, is geared to launch in India for the first time on 16th March. Bossaball International (by Fillip) has collaborated with SCK Sports and Entertainment as a partner to bring Bossaball to India. The premiere will witness a face-off match among international players from Spain and Netherlands in the city of Mumbai and is open to public as an exclusive one-day trial experience.

Founded in 2005 in Spain, the sport is innovatively created and an effective full body workout. The word ‘Bossa’, translates to style, flair or attitude in Portuguese, is commonly associated with Bossa Nova – a samba influenced type of Brazilian music. The name Bossaball, thereby, fits perfectly as it aims to combine sports, music, positive vibes and great fun.

Blending elements of volleyball, soccer and gymnastics, this distinct sport creates a dynamic atmosphere where the body movements flow harmoniously to the beat of the music. Bossaball events are spectacular and fun, not only for the players but for the audience to enthusiastically partake in.

Bossaball International is setting up several courts across Mumbai and plans to target other cities in the coming year.

Launch Date: Friday, 16th March, 2018
Time: 4pm to 9pm
Venue: Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu, Mumbai

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