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The next time you decide to make a trip, try Overlanding it!

Voyages Overland, one of India’s pioneer Overlanding company, is introducing a new concept of travel in India known as ‘Overlanding’, on a never before seen format.

Overlanding is a type of Adventure Tourism, a form of long-distance travel by land that covers offbeat locations, with camping as the principle form of accommodation and most importantly, where the journey is the primary goal. But it is no ordinary road trip – not by a long shot!

Overland journeys with groups of like-minded fellow travellers, can often last for months and across countries. Overlanding, therefore, enables you to visit and camp at spots completely inaccessible to travellers who use conventional transport or travel formats. At the core of an Overland journey with Voyages Overland is a fleet of safe and sturdy off-road capable trucks. Voyages Overland’s accommodation during the trips is a judicious mix of camp nights, homestays, and offbeat experiential properties.

Commenting on the launch Bhairavi Sagar, Co-Founder of Voyages Overland, said, “The central idea of Voyages Overland’s itineraries is to experience the outdoors like very few have, while never losing sight of the tenets of responsible tourism. Most importantly, Overlanding with Voyages Overland is a carbon-positive, eco-friendly form of travel.” Their aim is to bring back the groovy fun into community travel, gathering stories, memories, and travel mates that last a lifetime.”

Voyages Overland began when two avid travellers decided to translate their passion and love for travel into a business which focuses on ethical and responsible travel. From the small city of Jodhpur to the financial capital, Mumbai, the vision for Voyages Overland came to the drawing board in 2009 and after 7 years of research, planning and working out the minutest detail, the idea finally took shape into Voyages Overland in 2016 and is all set to launch.

Voyages Overland presently covers three different circuits in India, namely – Rajasthan, The Himalayas and Central India. The Rajasthan circuit is recommended for the lovers of culture, art, architecture and those interested to see the vibrant colors of everyday desert lives, the circuit in Central India is perfect for Overlanders with an interest in spirituality, art, and wildlife. The circuit covering the Himalayan range up north provides for a good mix of adventure and tranquil nothingness along with tremendous stargazing and nature walk opportunities. Voyages Overland currently is gearing up for their upcoming trails in the Himalayas for the months of May to August.

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