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‘Feet are either for dancing or to change gears’ – Gautam Sharma

It is often difficult to keep a healthy balance between your passion and profession – it is an art, which not everyone knows how to work around with. However, there is a shining example of how one can nurture their passion amidst the hectic schedule that comes along the profession. Gautam Sharma, a reticent TV star and an obsessive biker followed his passion for motorbiking that inspire him all the time.
Sharma shot to fame as the TV star of Shakuntala, one of the biggest mythological romantic daily soap in the history of Indian television with an impressive run of over 100 episodes. As King Dushyant, he set millions of hearts across continents aflame. He remembers a special incident when fans in Indonesia who were blue-collared workers made gifts for him from their meager savings. “It was overwhelming and a strong realization that as actors we need to be responsible and role models,” adds Sharma.
Talking about how his acting career started and how Shakuntala came across, Sharma says, “It happened by chance. A lucky win at Mr. Grasim while I was working for an MNC in Bengaluru, led to opportunities in modelling and eventually acting.”
Sharma did not stop at acting, he knows how to jive and pretty much learn any new dance form rather quickly. His dancing feet also got him to participate in a musical Dirty Dancing. “Feet are either for dancing or to change gears,” adds Sharma.
There is a point in life when a person takes a step back and questions himself – What next? For Sharma, it was very clear what he wanted to do, he decided to start a health and wellness company, built on his mantra to live a holistic and fit life and do what he loves most – ride the wind with his superbike Suzuki 1000rr.
For Sharma who believes in living life to his fullest is open to trying different possibilities going forward. “Web series are exploring new and progressive content. Multi-Lingual films are also putting out great content and I plan to explore opportunities there,” says, Sharma.
Sharma who has never allowed letting go his passion even when he was doing multiple other things, concludes with a very important message for youngsters. He says, “It is not tough. It is not choosing one over the other, it is as simple as adding another facet to your life. You drive the gig economy; find time and headspace for your passion.”

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