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The Working Woman’s Lingerie Checklist

Kiruba Devi

Planning weekend outfits or holiday wardrobes is great fun! But what we generally forget, is putting that same effort in workwear. And most of all, the lingerie that goes with it. The 9 to 5 wardrobe needs to be as classy and elegant as can be and so should the accompanying undergarments. Here are the handpicked styles to help all you working ladies make a power statement at work.

The Nude Bra
Selecting the right bra to wear under white has always been tricky. The biggest myth about this is that white goes under white. No ladies, you need something in soft hues which won’t draw attention to themselves but rather blend in with your top. Try out bras in nude shades for the perfect look.

The Seamless Bra
The biggest concern while wearing a fitted top is hiding bra lines. And it becomes an even bigger deal at work. Lucky for you, our seamless bras seem to magically disappear underneath your clothes leaving a smooth finish with no awkward lines or spillage!

The Dark Bra

Dark clothes are easier when it comes to choosing lingerie. Simply put on a black seamless bra or a bra in the same colour as your blouse and you’re good to go! 

The Seamless Panty
It’s not just the bras you need to think about, panty lines bring their own criteria of nightmares. To ensure these don’t trouble you, you could try out seamless panties. They’ll feel like a second skin while giving you the perfect amount of cover and support.

The Plunge Bra

All work and no party seems no fun, right? Which is why after-work parties are the best! But when you have no time to rush home to change, make sure the lingerie you wear in the morning works well with the clothes you have picked out for the night! If you have an off-shoulder dress, our seamless, strapless bra is the best! A deep V necked top? Try out the plunge bra!
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